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2015 Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center business summary

Last update date October 19, 2018

We publish business summary which gathered up the results or statistics of business that each Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center section (Health and Welfare Division, Health Sanitation Division, Elderly and Disabled Support Division, Children and Families Support Division, life support section, Insurance and Pension Division) carried out in 2015 every section charge.

When we download collectively

2015 Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center business summary (PDF: 1,778KB)

When we divide and download

Cover (PDF: 456KB)

Table of contents (PDF: 387KB)

The general condition (PDF: 679KB) of Chapter 1 Totsuka Ward

Organization (PDF: 389KB) of Chapter 2 Health and Welfare Center

Chapter 3 Health and Welfare Division (Administration Planning Section, business planning staff, Health Promotion Section) (PDF: 674KB)

Chapter 4 Health Sanitation Division (Food Sanitation Section, Environmental Sanitation Section) (PDF: 572KB)

Chapter 5 Elderly and Disabled Support Division (Elderly and Disabled Support Section, elderly person support charge, The Long-term Care Insurance charge, person with a disability support charge) (PDF: 737KB)

Chapter 6 Children and Families Support Division (PDF: 601KB) (Children and Families Support Section, child home support charge)

Chapter 7 life support section (person in charge of desk work, life support person in charge) (PDF: 535KB)

Chapter 8 Insurance and Pension Division (National Pension Plan Section, National Health Insurance Section) (PDF: 455KB)

Back cover (PDF: 36KB)

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