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Last update date January 7, 2021

①Totsuka Ward government office (the location: 16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku)

[common inquiry] 
・PM on each general information window ⓘ➤2 floor, public telephone ☎➤3 floor, wheelchair rental ♿➤2 floor & the third floor, nursing room ➤3 floor & the fifth floor, (multi-purpose) restroom 🚻➤ floor, sign-language interpreter ➤ water & Thursday     


The first floor [the second open land to be used for improving the traffic system, night window others]

[the first floor]
・The second open land to be used for improving the traffic system (taxi, general car platform)
・Parking lot entrance (as for the parking space B2 floor and B3 floor) for person from next agency
・Bicycle parking lots for person from next agency
・Night window (please refer to this for family register-related reports such as birth, the death, the marriage in ward office shut agency time)
・Control center (please refer to this for lost article in Totsuka Ward government office government building)

The second floor [Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division, Children and Families Support Division, Elderly and Disabled Support Division, Ward's Treasurer's Office, bank "Koban" (police box), service counter in the city hall]

The third floor [utility room, cherry tree plaza gallery, child care support room, inhabitant of a ward hall, information corner, local production for local consumption corner]

The second floor
Department in charge Window Main business content Phone number

Family Registry Division
Service counter in the city hall

koseki*shohon, identification card 045-866-8335
Copying of resident certificate, private seal certificate 045-866-8331, 8332
Receipt window -
My number card, notice card, electronic certificate, Basic Resident Register cardMoving (reports of with transference)Seal RegistrationAttendance at school procedureSpecial permanent resident certificate 045-866-8335, 8337
Report (the marriage, birth) of family register 045-866-8331, 8332
Insurance and Pension Division National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) 045-866-8441
The medical furtherance of children, single-parent, severe person with a disability, payment of National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens, The Long-term Care Insurance, burden limit certificate 045-866-8450, 8479
National Health Insurance, participation, withdrawal, premium of medical system for elder senior citizens, The Long-term Care Insurance 045-866-8449
Payment consultation of premium 045-866-8445
Children and Families Support Division Mother and child health handbook, child, home support consultation 045-866-8472
Child Allowance, Child Raising Allowance, the welfare special ticket (Child Raising Allowance), JR commuting commuter pass discount, medical care benefits (children chronicity identification illness, nurture medical care, upbringing medical care), Check ups for Infants and Toddlers 045-866-8466
Nursery school, kindergarten 045-866-8467
After-School Care Program Clubs, school cooperates with kids club, area after school 045-866-8485
Consultation, application (notebook, medical treatment) of impaired people under 18, the woman welfare consultation 045-866-8468
Elderly and Disabled Support Division Consultation, application about the welfare health of elderly person, consultation, application of certification for long-term care, consultation about care, consultation of the care prevention, the dementia prevention 045-866-8439
Consultation, application (notebook, medical treatment) of with obstacle (18 years or older), independence support medical care (mind going to hospital of all age, rebirth medical care), health consultation of heart, consultation of incurable disease patient 045-866-8463
With respect for the old pass, * card, person with a disability toll road discount (ETC discount), application, the welfare of the designated incurable disease medical expenses furtherance particularly ticket (impaired person) 045-866-8429
Representation application to affect certification for long-term care, home service program planning report 045-866-8452
Ward's Treasurer's Office Public money expenditure 045-866-8405, 8406
Bank of Yokohama "Koban" (police box) Payment (the handling time: for from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) such as city tax, premium

The fourth floor [cherry tree plaza]

The fifth floor [medical examination floor]

The sixth floor [Health and Welfare Division, Health Sanitation Division, life support section]

The seventh floor [Tax Division]

The sixth floor
Department in charge Window Main business content Phone number
Health and Welfare Division 61 Local welfare officer, children's committee 045-866-8418
totsuka heart plan (ward community-based welfare health planning), thing about community care plaza 045-866-8424
62 Vaccinations, cancer screening, examination of AIDS, the hepatitis medical expenses furtherance, tuberculosis, infectious disease measures, A-bomb victim protection, nutrition improvement, health promotion business 045-866-8426, 8427
Health Sanitation Division 63 Patente such as restaurants, establishment of medical institution, drugstore, medical care, food-related license 045-866-8474, 8425
64 Hygiene, registration of dog of cistern that hairdressing, beauty, cleaning receives business authorization, building 045-866-8475, 8476
Life support section 65 Social security, life poor independence support, money of special condolence including the war dead 045-866-8431, 8422

The seventh floor
Department in charge Window Main business content Phone number
Tax Division 71 Issuance of personal city prefectural tax income (taxation) certificate, tax-free certificate, house certificate for registration, junk car, name change of motorcycle, the existing year land, house tax roll entry certificate (evaluation proof, tax proof), existing house
72 Report, consultation of personal city, prefectural tax, consultation of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) (consultation of income (taxation) proof, tax-free proof) 045-866-8351 - 8355
73 Consultation of property tax (land, house), reading of tax roll, drawing, issuance of past fiscal year land, house tax roll entry certificate

[Land Section]
045-866-8361 - 8365

[house charge]
045-866-8368 - 8372

74 Payment, consultation of nonpayment city tax, issuance of payment notice 045-866-8386 - 8396

The eighth floor [southern agricultural administration office, the southwestern part agriculture committee, rooftop garden]

The ninth floor [General Affairs Division, Ward Administration Promotion Division, Regional Promotion Division]

The eighth floor
Department in charge Window Main business content Phone number
Southern agricultural administration office 81 Farmland maintenance, allotment, production promotion of farm products, district, reclamation for exclusive use of agriculture 045-866-8491 - 8494
Southwest agriculture committee 82 Right movement of farmland, farmland conversion, farmland creation, farmer's pension including Agricultural Land Law-related proof 045-866-8495, 8496

The ninth floor
Department in charge Window Main business content Phone number
General Affairs Division 91 Disaster prevention, the temporary number, volunteer insurance 045-866-8305 - 8308
92 Various statistics investigation (national censuses), election 045-866-8315, 8316
Ward Administration Promotion Division 93 Public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward version, homepage, reservation reception desks such as legal advices, reception desk of information disclosure, reception desk of the life memorial tree, thing about reception desk of public hearing (suggestion from citizen) 045-866-8321, 8322
Plan, progress management of main business of ward, consultation about the making of rule of town 045-866-8326 - 8328
Regional Promotion Division 94 Lifelong learning, sports, culture promotion, anti-crime program 045-866-8415, 8416
95 Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, road safety, Resources Reuse Promotion, consumer life 045-866-8411 - 8413

The second floor
Person in charge of charge Main business content Phone number
Administration Section Private use, use such as road and river, the general sewer 045-881-1621
Road Section New establishment, improvement, maintenance of safe facility of road and road
Sewage and Park Section River and public sewage trachea kyono new establishment, improvement, maintenance, management of imminent park

※As Tozuka engineering works office is not in Totsuka Ward synthesis government building, please be careful.

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