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Last update date October 22, 2018

Can you receive physical checkup in Health and Welfare Center?

Basic Health Checkups which Yokohama-shi enforced based on Geriatric Health Act by health care overhaul at ward offices was finished in March, 2008.
From April, 2008, we were required to face each other toward person insured, the dependent of 40 years old - 74 years old, and to carry out "specific medical checkup, specific health instruction" for each medical insurer to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

※For more details, please ask medical insurer where you join.
※Person taking out 74-year-old Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance from 40 years old look at this.
※It follows, and, about social security recipients who do not take out, medical insurance of medical system for elder senior citizens person insured living in the city 40 years or older, Yokohama-shi carries out. → For more details, please see page of Yokohama-shi Health Checkups.

In addition, medical examination for the purpose of medical certificate issuance to submit in case such as employment, entering further education, qualification does not go.
Person needing medical certificate, please receive physical checkup with medical institution.

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Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section telephone: 045-866-8426, FAX: 045-865-3963

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