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2017 Totsuka Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey

Last update date March 13, 2019


We will tell as findings was finished. All of you who had you cooperate with investigation, thank you very much. We will make use of findings in the future administration of a ward administration.

Investigation eligible people: 3,000 Tozuka inhabitants of a ward (we randomly select from Basic Resident Register) 16 years or older
Investigation method: Questionnaire format by mail
Effective time: From June to July in 2017
The number of the answers: 1,593 of them
Answer rate: 53. 1%

About each investigation item

Living that is full of hearts from connection with people and person

We introduce about findings about "connection with people and people" that we heard from everybody by this inhabitant of a ward attitude survey as new item.
Person that person working in area wants to be concerned with 20% ... one, activity is 60%!
People who replied, "we are doing" by activity in hobby or volunteer remain in 20.0% in area living in.
On the other hand, about being concerned with living local activity as side to run, "we want to be concerned positively" replies, "you may be concerned if there are any opportunities" person of 60.6%.

Having activity or not in area

About being concerned as side to run

Person with connection is attachment +24 point to area in area! As for +12 point of satisfaction to life!

Presence of person whom we talk and can talk with

Graph of person feeling attachment and pride to area

Graph of satisfaction for overall living environment

※There is few graph because we round off fraction if the total of ratio is in 100%.

Satisfaction (higher five items) for overall living environment

Satisfaction of overall living environment which we put together rises 4.9 points from last survey.
Items about road, traffic and town development become high-ranking, and, by redevelopment around Totsuka Station, they rise number secondary to last survey when we look at individual item.

Graph of satisfaction

※As which "it cannot be also known as which" "does not know" the "dissatisfaction" "dissatisfied slightly", "satisfaction" chooses "slightly satisfied" about 19 items one by one
We list high rank five items with many "satisfaction" ratios that we added up "we are slightly satisfied" and satisfaction that we put together

Importance (higher five items) for overall living environment

By aging, needs to community medicines such as hospital or emergency care have been increasing.
In addition, the rate of climb is the highest, and "town development that is easy to move to anyone including barrier-free of station building" that was the seventh place rises 3.5 points in higher five items in last survey.


※As which "is not so important" "is not important" which "can be also known as neither" "slightly important" "important" about 19 items; is choice one by one
"It is important" lists high rank five items with many ratios that added up "it is slightly important"

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