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[Totsuka Ward] Recruitment of Fiscal Year Appointment Staff (General Affairs Division

 The Totsuka Ward fiscal year appointment staff (election affairs assistance duties) registers the desired working conditions in advance, and when it becomes necessary to appoint in the execution of the election, selects from the registrants and determines the appointment. If you would like to register, please submit required documents City should be submitted to Totsuka Ward General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Sectioning the application plan and the following items.

Final update date April 8, 2021

About recruitment of Totsuka Ward Fiscal Year Appointment Staff (Election

1 Business content

Administrative assistance for all election operations
(Preparation and sorting of voting and voting items, assistance and reception of briefing sessions, assistance for absentee voting, etc.)

2. Application requirements

(1) Those who do not fall under any of the items of Article 16 of the Local Public Service Act
(2) Those who have good health and are willing to work.
(3) Those who do not participate in election campaigns or political activities during the appointment period
  ※Political acts are restricted by the Local Public Service Act, the Public Office Election Law and the Political Funds Control Law.

3 Working Conditions

(1) Appointment period
  About one month before the voting date to about five days after the voting date
(2) Working days
  The number of days specified by the affiliation manager during the appointment period (determined at the time of selection). Includes weekends and holidays.)
  Results of last election: Approximately 8 days per person (depending on the number of employees)
(3) Working hours
  From 9:00 to 17:00 (break time 60 minutes)
(4) Workplace
  Totsuka Ward Office (16-17 Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku)
(5) salary
  7,616 yen per day
  Additional commuting expenses
(6) holidays
  According to the rules on working hours, vacations, etc. of the Yokohama City Fiscal Year Appointment Staff
(7) Other
  You may be enrolled in employee health insurance Association), Employees' Pension Insurance and employment insurance number of working daysemployee health insurance) may be joined depending on the number of working days. Other working conditions
 It is based on related regulations such as the regulations about salary and expense compensation of the Yokohama-shi fiscal year appointment staff.

4. Selections

(1) The selection process will be announced by Statistics and Elections Section General Affairs Division.
(2) Registration does not guarantee appointment, so even if you register, if you do not meet the conditions, we will not contact you about the selection.

5 Recruitment Information and Submission Documents


Totsuka Ward Office Statistics and Elections Section, General Affairs Division
〒244-0003 16-17 Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku, Totsuka Ward 16-17 Totsuka

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