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"Let's follow the eighth for election!" ... - Suzuki vice-Director General ... which participated in ... bright election promotion meeting street enlightenment

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Last update date July 11, 2019

"Let's follow the eighth for election!" ... which participated in ... bright election promotion meeting street enlightenment
 On Sunday, July 21, 2019, it is election of member of the House of Councilors.
 Street campaign by election promotion meeting that Totsuka Ward was well acquainted with was carried out for this election around Totsuka Station on Saturday, July 6.
 I distributed appeal and pocket tissue about vote participation with members of promotion of meeting, too. Member of promotion called out to child who stopped kindly saying "report that meet vote to person of adult of the circumference.".

 To all of the meetings, we have you work variously through the year including holding of participation and ikotto movie fair to Tozuka contact inhabitant of a ward Festival, holding of workshop other than enlightenment activity at the time of election. Of popularity at all, booth came to have a lot of "straw polls" to have you choose favorite thing from mascot character connected with Totsuka Ward and Yokohama-shi by inhabitant of a ward Festival of last year in people.
 We sincerely offer my gratitude for everyday active approach.
 Have call on "to vote without forgetting!" while feel humidity after rain, thank you. On Saturday, July 13, we call with plan to perform street enlightenment around Higashi-Totsuka Station. Thank you very much.
 Ward office wants to work well to be able to come to vote toward many qualified voters 18 years or older.

July 11, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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