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Last update date June 27, 2019

We check the seventh river
 8 rivers stream down Totsuka Ward including the Kashio River. All these rivers join the Sakai River and flow into Sagami Bay near Enoshima.
 Spillage to earth surface of rainwater was enhanced by rapid urbanization accompanied with postwar economic development and rapid increase of housing land development and brought many floods. Therefore as a result of having pushed forward river maintenance in earnest from 1970, the inundation damage decreased.
 On the other hand, 40 years or more pass from river maintenance start, and deterioration of building a breakwater and facility becomes problem. Therefore we check all rivers on foot every year except the Kashio River of prefectural management in Tozuka engineering works office so that accident does not happen.
 There was building a breakwater that got older partly when I walked Ei Hirato Tanikawa with the staff on the other day (from village of Konan Ward bridge outside on boundary to point that joins Akuwa River of Kamiyabe-cho, and becomes the Kashio River), and there was point where detailed check was necessary. In this way, we work on the prevention maintenance-shaped management that we repair positively and premeditatedly before serious accident happens based on result of check.
 In addition, we walked and understood that water of river was very pure again. A lot of fish is seen in wild birds such as heron or duck, too. As there is place where promenade which can walk riverside is maintained, how about walking by all means neighboring riverside? We think that we can discover charm of Totsuka Ward.


Director June 27, 2019 Tozuka engineering works desk work Takashi Nakajima

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