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We appreciate activity for prevention of the sixth traffic accident! ... Suzuki vice-Director General ... which attended at association of Tozuka road safety general meeting

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Last update date June 24, 2019

We appreciate activity for prevention of the sixth traffic accident! We attended at association of Tozuka road safety general meeting.
We attended at "association of 2019 Tozuka road safety 62nd regular general meeting" held in cherry tree plaza hall on June 10.
We have all of the associations make an effort for road safety activity through the year such as holding of road safety classroom to various places that are wide from child to elderly person activity by event including campaign every season and local festival again, and thank you very much.
"In fact, in the beginning, greetings of Chairperson Shigeo Kawabe, traffic accident occurs a lot in expected good intersection of city area with signal than community road."; had to talk, and was surprised at all.

Tozuka chief constable commendation, Tozuka road safety association length commendation were performed toward great nine people contributed to for activity of association after greetings at general meeting. We want to show respect for activity over long time with thanks some other time. There was congratulations.

You told what kind of punishment was imposed by road safety lecture by Tozuka police department when a lot of accidents of two-wheeled vehicle, elderly person had hurt partner by thing and bicycle which occurred in ward. When I ride bicycle, let's follow rule well! We refreshed heart in this.
We want to act as ward office even more sequentially so that it is in cooperation with all of you, local all of association of Tozuka road safety and school zone measures meetings in safe, livable town which there is not of traffic accident.

June 24, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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