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With all the fourth river neatly! ... Suzuki vice-Director General ... which participated in "Kashio River University cleaning"

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Last update date May 22, 2019

With all the fourth river neatly! We participated in "Kashio River University cleaning".

On Sunday, May 12, we participated in "around the 25th Totsuka Station charm up campaign Kashio River University cleaning" that it was hosted by the making of Kashio River charm forum (as follows "forum").
Company and NPO corporation in ward, 23 various groups including school participate and, in forum, carry out various activities for improvement in charm of the Kashio River which can be also known as symbol of Tozuka. Other than everyday cleaning activity, we plant maintenance and flower of cherry tree and mizukimbai which are flower of ward, and it is worked eagerly, and each group including patrol of river at the time of disaster really appreciates.
We had Sakurabashi set up many carp streamers which primary schoolchild of seven neighborhoods produced again this year. Children of Tozuka are watched in area, and we seem to see figure brought up, and figure which carp streamer swims well is heartwarming very much.
In weather so as to sweat well openly on that day, a great number of people of 200 participated including and child of general participation. I was in that entered river beridakedenaku, river, and picked up garbage, and garbage of considerable quantity gathered.
Garbage such as plastic thrown away in river flowed and drifted and, after cleaning, arrived at the sea and heard story that it was from the ocean garbage and keenly realized importance that it was put under ban of littering some other time. In addition, on the day observation party of creature of river which we gathered was carried out and children were interested and it was heartwarming and thought in figure which we saw.
Thanks to single-minded activity of all of the groups which participated in forum, river was kept beautiful and realized that it was in attractive oasis. We offer my gratitude for all of each group, people concerned some other time.
Ward office wants to try for attractive up of the Kashio River with all of you, too.

<list of constitution groups>
The Kashio River jogging fans society
Meeting (Shimajiri group) which cleans the Kashio River
Meeting (matsusaki group) which cleans the Kashio River
Meeting of the Kashio River, reed
Nobutomo construction
Hitachi ICТ business service
Hitachi, Ltd. Yokohama Institute
BRIDGESTONE Corporation Yokohama factory
The clean Kashio River
Willow tit construction
Preventive measures against disasters contact meeting Kashio River water system
totsuka environment eco-project
Sakura Tozuka saver
Tozuka Elementary School
Tozuka town development mizukimbai and school of firefly
Higashitotsuka Elementary School
East Japan Railway Company. Totsuka Station
maioka water and green meeting
Green school
The south Tozuka community care plaza
Meiji Gakuin University
Totsuka, Yokohama-shi sports center
YMCA (Shonan Tozuka, work support center, foundation)

May 27, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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