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The 28th "experience in parent and child! totsuka reduce disaster damage fair was prosperous very much! ... Suzuki vice-Director General ...

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Last update date February 21, 2020

The 28th "experience in parent and child! totsuka reduce disaster damage fair was prosperous very much!

 Is Sunday, February 9, 2020, Totsuka Ward synthesis government building; "experience in parent and child! We held totsuka reduce disaster damage fair. We had people of about 1,200 arrive from family with small child to of advanced age and were prosperous very much!

State of the neighborhood of reduce disaster damage fair venue entrance, reception desk

 Theme "reduce disaster damage." As each one possesses, and neighborhoods cooperate, is `' kotogadekimasu to reduce by damage by disaster. Through experiences such as various attractions or workshops, we had you learn while enjoying what it faced each other at the time of emergency and should prepare for this time.
 At corner of 25 that installed for introduction, restroom and pets of disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage goods and storage food comprised, and took the real thing and brochure including corner that had know earthquake proofing consultation, area information at the time of disaster in hand, and listened to explanation of the staff eagerly.

 In addition, disaster prevention 4D theater which a large number of children tried how to use AED and clothing of fire prevention batter and established for the first time this time is extreme popularity! I grasped sweat in hand and, for real disaster simulated experience of several minutes, keenly realized, "this cannot help getting ready!".

 Corner of prior application worked on the making of dishes and disaster prevention light which did not do hot water which children were useful for at the time of disaster by height of interest to reach capacity immediately seriously.
 We challenge disaster prevention quiz between friends, and many teams challenge "bodily sensation type disaster prevention attraction" aiming at escape before time limit! We thought about the way of thing and evacuation that you should prepare for beforehand together and, after experience of the disaster spot full of a sense of reality, learned. Message of lecturer by remark of primary schoolchild "who knew importance of calling out to each other in friends, and cooperating" and "preparations when we came than we prayed that disaster came!" soaked into mind.

 Thank you very much for cooperation company, all of the groups who had you participate this time.
 Ward office was day when we tightened mind to work on town development that could realize security, relief still more with all of you sequentially, too.

February 21, 2020 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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