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The 25th New Year's greetings - Mayor Yoshiizumi ...

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Last update date January 6, 2020

The 25th New Year's greetings

 A Happy New Year.
 All of you are pleased with the New Year with thing to pick up in good health.

 We were able to go ahead with local all of you until now and finish the "totsuka heart plan" third and are important year devising the fourth plan this year. We promote heart plan steadily to be spiritually rich, and to be able to live by feeling relieved to all of you.
 In addition, towards "strong imachitotsuka for disaster" including measures to large-scale typhoon and big earthquake of disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage concentrate power secondary to approach.
 Furthermore, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics are held age this year. Even Totsuka Ward causes orimpian and holds lecture and raises the time and will carry out approach that can have dream and hope in children.

 We feel your sequentially and all the staff cooperate and will push forward approach in spite of being snuggle carefully. I would like continued support.

Mount Fuji to see from Totsuka Ward


January 6, 2020 Mayor Tozuka Hideki Yoshiizumi

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