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... Nakajima Tozuka engineering works desk work director ... that the 23rd Yokohama-shi Park protection society commendation ceremony was held

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Last update date December 23, 2019

The 23rd Yokohama-shi Park protection society commendation ceremony was held
 Commendation ceremony that commended individual, group which had you make an effort for park protection society activity in Yokohama-shi information the sixth floor of the Cultural Center contents and form hall on November 14 was held
 Park protection society starts ahead of the whole country in here Yokohama in 1961, and they are local volunteer group performing beautification activities such as cleaning of nearby park. Big things and small things 2,685 park is in Yokohama-shi, and park protection society is formed in 2,412 parks equal to about 90% of those.
 There is protection society of 196 in Totsuka Ward and has you perform cleaning and weeding, notification of damage of facility, various activities such as enlightenment of the use manner in imminent park.
 In addition, it is made with local flower bed utilized characteristic of park, and approach to be connected for local activation such as various area events or interchange activity beyond generation that we did on the stage of park including summer festival and New Year's bonfire is performed. There is protection meeting which works on maintenance activities of grove of miscellaneous trees positively, and charm and value of park are raised recently by such an activity.
 Matanocho first park protection fair and ten no ward mountain thigh park protection fair were commended as four protection chairpersons and group commendation as personal commendation in this commendation ceremony by Totsuka Ward. Congratulations. In all parks, it was worked on the making of flower bed or care for tree positively. Thank you.
 The conferment of testimonial and congratulatory address from Kobayashi deputy mayor, taking picture of souvenir picture were carried out in ceremony.
 Afterwards, short film "secret of uncle park" that fourth grader of the Futoo small wrote the original about "bronze statue of uncle who sat on bench with sax" in Futoo city park of Kohoku Ward was actually shown as Part 2. This bronze statue is name "please request" with work of Akihiko Kurokawa who won a prize by Yokohama Biennale of 1989. Movie was pleasant work that rich imagination of primary schoolchild was shown.
 Everybody, please go to park of neighborhood, too. Protection society worked on happily may come. We would appreciate your calling out by all means then. We think that friends surely increase.

Director December 23, 2019 Tozuka engineering works desk work Takashi Nakajima

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