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Tozuka inhabitant of a ward Festival holding ... Mayor Yoshiizumi ... of the 80th anniversary of the 21st November 3 constituency system

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Last update date December 6, 2019

Tozuka inhabitant of a ward Festival holding of the 80th anniversary of the 21st November 3 constituency system

 Inhabitant of a ward festival that is one of the events of Totsuka Ward maximum. We were enriched by contents in commemoration of the Tozuka constituency system 80th anniversary more than usual and held site of Hitachi adjacent to Higashitotsuka Elementary School this year as venue.
 Flower of smile of in wide generation blooms in venue after opening ceremony began at half past 9 a.m. by greetings of Aizawa inhabitant of a ward Festival practice chairperson, visitors to about 35,000. Thank you, arrived all of you.


 We distributed Totsuka Ward calendar in 2020 when we gathered photographs of Tozuka of the four seasons when we had you apply from inhabitants of a ward as business of the 80th anniversary and produced and had you participate toward about 300 at totsuka quiz meeting and swelled very much.


 With connection including lived to Tozuka as for both person appeared on by inhabitant of a ward Festival in stage and the that refreshment stand was run, working, to learn only in various places. Arrived all of you enjoy encounter and contact to the full and think that you were able to deepen each other's bonds still more.


 Moreover, we had this event approve of held purpose from many groups, companies, personal all of you and had support named mint. We are very grateful on this occasion.
 Business of the 80th anniversary of Tozuka constituency system started in this January, but became grand finale by this inhabitant of a ward Festival.
 Because we think about grand approach of ancient people of Tozuka with the 80th anniversary some other time and this fantastic security makes reliable Tozuka better town in the times to invite the 90th anniversary, the 100th anniversary now, we strengthen your bond and will work.


December 5, 2019 Mayor Tozuka Hideki Yoshiizumi

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