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"Of the second anniversary of room open of rest", congratulations on the 20th! ... Suzuki vice-Director General ...

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Last update date November 26, 2019

"Of the second anniversary of room open of rest", congratulations on the 20th!

 On October 24, 2019, we called at ceremony of the second anniversary of "room of rest" in the best housing complex in upper part of a river of Kawakamicho, Totsuka-ku under prefectural management open.
 This housing complex was one of "health housing complex" which Kanagawa stimulated, and room of rest utilized vacant rooms and opened as activity about health promotion and the welfare of inhabitants, base of contact.
 The best housing complex health housing complex promotion meeting in upper part of a river by inhabitants plays a key role, and the prefecture and Totsuka Ward Council of Social Welfare, Higashitotsuka community care plaza, ward office continue activity from stack, long-awaited open in examination; and full two years.
 During this time, in addition to cafe of circle and rest of flower, migration of ions sale, service and health club of going to hospital bus with contact Higashitotsuka hospital, individual visit to be consulted about annoyance including physical condition seemed to come to be performed.
 Continuation was right impressed by power or substantial program.
 Company and medical institution, university, all of the NPO are connected to room of rest, and ring of activity spreads steadily. We sincerely offer my gratitude for local all of you having you take administration, a large number of people concerned having you cooperate.
 Lot including Chairperson Ozoe of member of Chairperson Tokiwa of Higashitotsuka district alliance Neighborhood Associations, Higashitotsuka district public welfare meeting rushed to celebration on that day. In addition, we had you take part in student of Shonan medical care university health nurse course that came in training and sang noisily backed by the performance and spent a fun time.
 Toyoji Shimizu of health housing complex promotion meeting representative said, "we want to support the making of friend in room of rest." hot.
 We hope that room of rest is enriched more and more from now on as local support.

November 26, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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