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Last update date May 24, 2019

Community development that we have you show power of the second all of you and are more fantastic

 We held three committee member commission type in public hall to have local show power to do Tozuka in better town in this April that became the Heisei last.

 At first, we carried out sports promotion committee member commission ceremony on 12th. You carry athletic meet or recreational activity in area on 198 all of you whom you entrusted, and please contribute to health promotion and interchange through sports.
 In addition, we held the ceremony of commission of member of consumer life promotion and environmental business promotion committee member on 13th, the following day. 154 members of consumer life promotion are the local center realizing living without waste as smart consumers, and 279 environment business promotion committee members, please carry simple order of discharge instruction and daily life in garbage collection point other than reduction and recycling of garbage.
 Types of committee member are different, but both all of you are practitioners of volunteer activity in area and and various places of local inhabitants of all join forces and work on smooth activity not to be careful only in administration and are going to have area take good care more.
 We had each commission type attend Chairperson district of all 18 districts including Chairperson Aizawa of association of Totsuka Ward Chairperson Machiuchi. Committee members, all of the attendance, thank you while you're busy.
 We support activity of committee members with every effort and will do even if we do with ward office. I would appreciate your consideration from now on.



Committee member looks commission-type Committee member looks commission-type

Commission-style state

May 9, 2019 Mayor Tozuka Hideki Yoshiizumi

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