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By the 19th totsuka post town festival, we rediscover history and charm of Tozuka! ... Suzuki vice-Director General ...

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Last update date November 18, 2019

By the 19th totsuka post town festival, we rediscover history and charm of Tozuka!

 On Sunday, October 27, "the fifth totsuka post town festival" by sponsorship of totsuka post town festival executive committee was held under the theme of attractive introduction of former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation and the town of Totsuka, and I participated, too.
 If there were not display of earthenware vessel and former Tokaido ukiyoe print excavated in Tozuka, print woodcut print and rope of ukiyoe print, various places of participation group such as straw work, experience dressed in traveler in the Edo era, old toy play devised the construction of each corner, and the whole the third floor of the ward office of venue seemed to have become "Tozuka accommodation", and overflow swelled in heat! Many parent and child enjoyed by smile at experience-based corner and it was very heartwarming and thought.
 On stage in lecture by meeting of Tozuka history, see intellect easy Tozuka fair as for the presentation of picture-story show of "folktale and legend to reach Tozuka."
 There were wisdom and effort of ancient people that there was many including which contributed to improvement of culture as cultured person of and Tozuka who made an effort for Tozuka accommodation setting in the Edo era from lecture and display material and felt that there was current "rich, livable town Tozuka" heartily, and it was at fantastic opportunity to know history.
 I hear that I received the cooperation support from all of many groups, individuals, companies of 30 on holding this time. From preinclination to administration of the day, we sincerely offer my gratitude for your effort that it is worked in Hodogaya accommodation, Fujisawa accommodation, everyone, that had the cooperation support including all of sponsorship nototsuka post town festival executive committees. Thank you.
 At ward office, we push forward setting of history guidance signature and want to publicize history and charm of former Tokaido even more from now on!

November 18, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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