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The 18th ... Suzuki vice-Director General ... which attended at autumn Traffic Safety Campaign campaign from "heart and a space of time as for the security"

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Last update date November 13, 2019

"Security attended at autumn Traffic Safety Campaign campaign from heart and a space of time" the 18th
 We attended at autumn national Traffic Safety Campaign campaign carried out in JR Totsuka Station East Exit pedesutoriandekki on Friday, September 20, 2019.
 This exercise is performed for the purpose of planning thorough prevention of traffic accident through working on the observance of traffic rules and improvement of traffic manner simultaneously nationwide.
 This slogan is "traffic manner that ji complies with in elderly person models" saying "security is from heart and a space of time". Because time becomes gradually early at sunset at this time, it is time when night traffic accidents occur frequently at dusk. In addition, ratio of accident of elderly person, accident of two-wheeled vehicle tends to be high, too.
 By campaign, there were greetings from Chairperson Shimajiri Tozuka safe driving manager fair alerting with confirmation being important on green light again at good intersection of prospect last from thing, kawa*kotsukakotsuyasuzenkyokaikaicho which carried out prevention of passing of motorcycle chiefly from *shukotsukakeisatsushocho when we would try hard for traffic accident zero.
 Thank you very much for participating in many related organizations, all of the groups (※) having you usually cooperate with Traffic Safety Campaign.
 In Totsuka Ward, we assume town development that can realize security, relief one of the most important problems and push forward traffic accident preventive measures while cooperating with related organizations, groups mutually.
 Bicycle insurance was obliged in Kanagawa from October. In the inhabitants of a ward, we talk with immediate people about the observance of traffic rules and practice of traffic manner and raise awareness to road safety and would appreciate your working together.

※Participation group
Association of Tozuka road safety, crossing guard, promotion committee member, Tozuka safe driving manager society, Tozuka young people road safety contact meeting, Tozuka road safety mother's meeting alliance fair, keishinkaikotsukashibu, Totsuka Ward golden age club alliance fair, car dealer road safety measures promotion meeting Tozuka branch office, Tozuka engineering works office, Totsuka Ward government office

November 13, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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