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By the 17th "we wait walk", it is rediscovery - community development college ... - Suzuki vice-Director General ... by charm of Totsuka-cho

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Last update date October 18, 2019

By the 17th "we wait walk", it is rediscovery - community development college ... by charm of Totsuka-cho
  By hands their in area where I think, "it was good to live!"
 To realize that; learned, and opened a course in July, and go ino ground "2019 Totsuka Ward community development college" reached the fourth scheme on Saturday, September 21. We add to 21 students including person who has been already engaged in local action and which wants to work what it will be from now on in hometown this year, and the staff of ward office learns together, too.
 "We wait together, and this theme is made with walk & map"
 We walked around Totsuka Station area while my participating, and hearing story of all of the local action groups.
 We looked at Tozuka in interchange open space totsukadeha administrative body kumin network totsukano Takahashi, Yasaka-jinja Shrine, and Doi of quotient Chairperson Kazue thought about Shimoda of cherry blossoms saver, story of which under the row of cherry blossom trees of the Kashio River faintly in history and the future of Tozuka finally, and Tozuka accommodations overflowed in hot thought to want to do Tozuka in more wonderful town with Ito of Totsuka Ward Council of Social Welfare secretary general in Negishi of intellect comfort society, friends Tozuka.
 We watched kitchen knife grinder with Tozuka accommodation which dropped in was "inhabitant of a ward city" of the quotient sum society faintly and realized that place that we usually passed casually could discover new charm.
 We exchanged opinions eagerly for each group while having Inst. of Regional & Social Planning's representative director Utsumi of lecturer, lecture and advice of Vice Chairperson association of Totsuka Ward Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association Network Kikuchi of adviser and learned technique to fill out going zukio map, and to know town in the afternoon.
 Regional society, lecturer, advisers who had you wait and give a lecture on foot, we offer my gratitude for cooperation of many people again with ward office, everyone, of sponsor dearutotsuka inhabitant of a ward activity center, Totsuka Ward Council of Social Welfare.
 As for the student, thought works out necessary thing, thing that we want to do through learning concretely in own area. We will look forward to the last scheme "dream plan announcement" of the new year very now.

October 18, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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