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Director ... Nakajima Tozuka engineering works desk work ... that the 16th waterside protection society, all Hama road supporter exchange meeting were held

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Last update date October 7, 2019

The 16th waterside protection society, all Hama road supporter exchange meeting were held
 Waterside protection society, all Hama road supporter exchange meeting were held in Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall hall on the afternoon of Friday, August 23.
 "Waterside protection society business" and "Hama road supporter business" are collaboration with local all of you and are system to perform beautification or cleaning of familiar river, road. It is worked volunteer group which consisted of Neighborhood Association and school, mall and local company.
 For the purpose of planning further activation of both business, we will jointly start exchange meeting in this year.
 In the whole exchange meeting, example report to share points doing problem and inventive idea to affect activity with commendation ceremony for long-time activity was performed.
 "Iijima murmuring protection society" (Sakae Ward) others 3 group and "Izumi Hiroshi Kawanaka waterside protection fair" (Izumi Ward) of Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport "green protection" person who has rendered distinguished services commendation, "weasel river (waterside of forest of Inari) waterside protection fair" of river person who has rendered distinguished services commendation (Izumi Ward) were commended for waterside protection party as commendation for many years.
 37 groups, contribution company 6 company were commended for Hama road supporter as commendation as commendation 36 groups for two years for many years. Of these, group of Totsuka Ward was "TEIN Inc." of commendation state for "valley Yabe west Neighborhood Associations" state and two years of commendation for many years. (unfortunately on the day valley Yabe west Neighborhood Associations state was absence)
 TEIN Inc. is specialized maker of suspension of car in Kamiyabe-cho. We have road around the company clean every day. In addition, age goes to two times of weeding. According to the story of Nasu of board member, exchange people and greetings of neighborhood by everyday cleaning activity; can be related, this; worked, and was able to say as was good at all. Thank you.
 About the secret to let activity last long from "Iijima murmuring protection society" state in example report of Part 2, we had you announce for unusual activity from "Takashima Chuo Koen protection fair" state and "Ryoke Neighborhood Association" state of Hama road supporter again. We think that we might have been useful for activity.
 In addition, of keep-fit that sat down on saying, "smile came over from health" at lecture lecture was performed with practical skill. We tried exercises with everybody smile.

Director October 3, 2019 Tozuka engineering works desk work Takashi Nakajima

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