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... Mayor Yoshiizumi ... which held event "summer vacation child festival" of the 80th anniversary of the 15th Tozuka constituency system

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Last update date September 26, 2019

We held event "summer vacation child festival" of the 80th anniversary of the 15th Tozuka constituency system

 By sponsorship of commemorative project executive committee (chairperson: Chairperson Minoru Aizawa Totsuka Ward alliance Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association), child care support base facility, tottono bud and ward office, we held "summer vacation child Festa" so that Tozuka had hometown and child that it was make fun memory in this summer in commemoration of memory of the 80th anniversary of Tozuka constituency system for two days of Sunday for 25 days on Saturday, August 24.
 Venue is ward office 3th-5th floors. Heat softened, and only some patterns that were weather might have been climates that were easy to have all of you with child go out on that day.
 Being handicraft event by where, of course, eyeball lives in Totsuka Ward, working this event. Various groups, offices in ward, other all of you repeated preparations for several months and planned various programs and child was with shining eyes at stage event, fair corner, display corner, experience corner and participated with smile.

 The number of this visitors became a total of about 2,600 people in two days. Really many people came and became pleasant event that host was united with customer.
 All of you who had you arrive and who planned event for more than one year, and supported, and had cooperation, thank you very much.
 Through such an approach, further encounter and contact are born of people of Totsuka Ward and strong bond pray for what is brought up.
 Business of this year of the 80th anniversary continues. 


September 27, 2019 Mayor Tozuka Hideki Yoshiizumi

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