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... Satomi Health and Welfare Center long ... which held the 14th "wakuwaku health Festa experience-based in parent and child"

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Last update date September 6, 2019

We held the 14th "wakuwaku health Festa experience-based in parent and child"
 On Sunday, August 18, we held "wakuwaku health Festa experience-based in parent and child" in the third floor of the ward office inhabitant of a ward hall, utility room.
We carried out experience-based various events as the making of in cooperation with medical care system 2 University (Yokohama College of Pharmacy, Shonan medical care university) and company in ward, Tozuka sports center, affiliate with opportunity to think about about own health to have children lasted in the future, and they prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
 In experience that worked of nurse, occupational therapist, we experienced occupational therapy and heard sound of heart and the lungs of oneself and parents with stethoscope each other while receiving explanation of teacher and learned about body while doing experience that there was not usually. The making of original shichimi chili pepper compounded from parent and child happily while being conscious of effect of each seven ingredients and took finished product home.
 In addition, we performed simple physical fitness test and slack line (tightrope walking) in parent and child and had you realize current physical strength. The eating habits had you measured quantity of necessary vegetables in food education game of member of improvement promotion (health mate) per day and feel with eyes and performed experience that "felt".
 Many parent and child participated in game in search of heat stroke and enlightenment and cancer about dehydration which we got cooperation of plural companies and carried out.
 Furthermore, we had parents given priority to child care and work usually participate in the bone density measurement and the blood vessel age measurement by member of health practice promotion and had you look back toward own health. It was mini-lecture about health and the ability measurement of palpation actually mouth of breast cancer, various contents including hand-washing check.
 "It is enough from parents who had you participate as child is easy to actually understand when we experience and measure." "We were able to learn, although being a pleasure in parent and child." We had, "it was good opportunity to confirm own health." nice impression.
 We want to perform healthy support of inhabitants of a ward in future while doing cooperation, cooperation even more.

September 10, 2019 Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center head Masahiro Satomi

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