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Last update date September 6, 2019

We talk about the thirteenth Kiyoshi Nakahata, baseball life very much

 On Monday, July 29, Kiyoshi Nakahata of supervisor in front of Yokohama DeNA BayStars came in Tozuka public hall and held talk show which we titled saying "we talk very much my baseball life". We carried out this event as associated plan to finally heap up another one year and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics that it was until holding in commemoration of the Tozuka constituency system 80th anniversary that we reached in this April.
 For capacity of 500 people, prior application is what 1,116. On the day venue became full, and it realized thickness of constituency of Kiyoshi Nakahata in in the wide generation from baseball boy of chosen primary and secondary student to age some other time by lot wonderfully.
 When Kiyoshi Nakahata finally appears, and talk show begins, venue is drawn into story skillful in of Nakahata and listens attentively to story with earnest face, and laughter overflows for talk full of humor. Story began with relations with Nakahata and Totsuka Ward and various was instant 90 minutes in the truth including many episodes in the supervision times of Yokohama DeNA BayStars, many thought and anecdotes to Honorary Manager for Life teacher, Shigeo Nagashima Yomiuri Giants and Director rival, Tatsunori Hara Yomiuri Giants.
 Nakahata conveyed importance of having aim definitely and thing that we sent the aim to by own words while asking baseball boys in venue about future dream or favorite player. Memory on this day will become special even if it surely passes in children who heard story of Nakahata with earnest expression for several years.

 All of venues was given spirit for courage worked on everything with aim forward and, let alone powerful way of talking, might have returned.
 Thank you very much for Kiyoshi Nakahata, wonderful talk show.


September 6, 2019 Mayor Tozuka Hideki Yoshiizumi

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