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Towards town resisting the twelfth disaster! ... Suzuki vice-Director General ... which carried out the Totsuka Station basement facility inundation measures training

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Last update date August 29, 2019

Towards town resisting the twelfth disaster! We carried out the Totsuka Station basement facility inundation measures training

 For assumption, "water level of the Kashio River Motomachi bridge increased to evacuation judgment water level by heavy rain" on July 18, 2019, around Totsuka Station facility cooperated and carried out Totsuka Station basement facility inundation measures training to prevent the inundation damage.
 Everybody of totsukana, rapisubiru, Tozuka Modi, JR Totsuka Station, municipal subway Totsuka Station participated in appeal of Totsuka Ward government office, and police department , fire department, engineering works office were added, too.

Representative of participation organization gathered in JR Totsuka Station basement concourse.

 Training contents are still water board setting to doorway to prevent that we receive, and water flows into transmission and each facility of river water level information using "emergency communication system (※)" from ward office to each facility.
 People of Residential Association and management company took still water board and frame board which carried out prop, and was buried in floor off warehouse in front of totsukana, rapisubiru and put up prop in groove and fitted still water board. It seemed to be considerably heavy and installed carefully while calling out to each other. It took time a little in stairs doorway under the ground, but we install all in approximately 15 minutes and complete!

State of setting of still water board

 We looked back, and which it "is important we usually took communication between the people concerned for disaster, and to train regularly" had many opinions which "grasp of evacuation instruction course of customer is necessary". People concerned appreciate your working seriously!
 When we installed still water board, we contacted me between the people concerned quickly and keenly realized that it was very important we evacuated while sharing the situation of still water, and to derive.
 We will lay emphasis on town development “ resisting 〝 disaster while having your cooperation to be related in future.

Finally we had comment about disaster correspondence from Totsuka fire department

※It is ... with urgent communication system

To landline and cell-phone which registered urgent information (evacuation information, special warning) to affect disasters beforehand
It is system to tell about by automatic sound all at once

August 29, 2019 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Hiroko Suzuki

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