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... Satomi Health and Welfare Center long ... that preventive stripe carries the eleventh heat stroke

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Last update date August 22, 2019

... Satomi Health and Welfare Center long ... that preventive stripe carries the eleventh heat stroke
 After the rainy season is over in a lot of patient outbreak in hot summer, as for the heat stroke, patient occurrence increases. Please see lower graph. Passing of the rainy season of this year was July 29 in Kanto. There was few, but increased rapidly with 18,347 (57 inner death) with 1,948 in (from July 29 to August 4) in the 31st week after passing of the rainy season in (from July 15 to July 21) in the 29th week before passing of the rainy season when we saw with the number of the patients with national heat stroke first aid conveyance staff of week. It is a lot with 12,751 people (23 inner death) even in the 32nd week (from August 5 to August 11).

Let's be careful about seven following items to prevent heat stroke.

 1. Let's be careful about activities in the open air when sunlight is strongly high in temperature. Particularly, outbreak of heat stroke patient increases because temperature is high between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00, and dewatering advances, and fatigue accumulates. Sunlight will do activity in the open air in morning, evening when temperature lowers weakly. It will prevent it from bathing in direct rays of the sun by staying in shadow using hat or parasol, parasol as much as possible outdoors. In addition, we sometimes take off hat, and let's promote evaporation of sweat.

 2. When we sweat as moisture and salt are lost by the body by sweating, let's take in moisture and salt. But person whom moisture restrictions and sodium restriction are ordered to by doctor, please talk with doctor beforehand. In addition, it is not desirable as beer and drink including caffeine increase volume of urine, and they may further become dewatering state. In addition, drink containing a large quantity of sugar and very cold drink wake up diarrhea by drinking in large quantities, and let's wait in dewatering state as it may be.

 3. There is few and is light, and let's make thing to wear a one that we are not hard with bright color. We are full of breathability, and thing which is easy to evade heat is good. About neckwear, let's loosen for ventilation if possible. We cannot hold for the prevention of heat stroke, and, for prevention of global warming, "COOL BIZ" (Cool Biz) is helpful.

 4. We begin slowly, and let's gradually give level without giving all energy from the beginning when it moves into action in hot environment. When we feel shortness of breath or drift, we stop activity promptly, and let's take a rest at cool place.

 5. Let's stop leaving child and pet in car which parked. Temperature in car rises by strong sunlight, and there is the death example for heat stroke, too.

 6. As it is hard to feel drought in comparison with young people about elderly person, and temperature control function decreases, you should consume water diligently. As there is much outbreak of heat stroke in home, about elderly person, we take in moisture before sleeping for the prevention of dewatering state during sleep, and let's leave drinking water by pillow. In addition, short time is recommended to hot sundown bath with lukewarm hot water as we perspire abundantly, and long bath with hot water is easy to become dewatering state.

 7. For heat stroke, thing thought that symptom is light first rapidly turns worse and may become seriously ill. When symptom of heat stroke is seen, let's have a medical examination to medical institution immediately. Particularly, let's call ambulance immediately when consciousness is in a haze and is not unconscious.

Reference web page:
* Yokohama City Inst. of Health "will prevent heat stroke" (heat stroke, sunstroke)
* The Yokohama City Inst. of Health "patients with national heat stroke first aid conveyance situation" (2019)

August 22, 2019 Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center head Masahiro Satomi

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