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All of you, nice to meet you of the first Totsuka Ward! ... Mayor Yoshiizumi ...

It is corner providing various topics of Totsuka Ward from manager of Mayor Tozuka and all parts. Check it out!

Last update date May 24, 2019

All of you, nice to meet you of the first Totsuka Ward!

It is Hideki Yoshiizumi which arrived at Mayor Tozuka on April 1. We would like.

There was opportunity when it circulated through some the Totsuka Ward the other day. When commercial facilities were enriched and left some Totsuka Station and Higashi-Totsuka Station full of vigor, nature and field which were full of green spread out, and small children were seen in playing figure in park. There was trace of former Tokaido and large mountain path in various places, and inhabitants of a ward understood that it was lived a life while feeling trace of history.
We want to discover expression that charm of Tozuka is various a lot from now on while we have you show various places and are concerned with various people.

Totsuka Ward which was born in 1939 reached the constituency system 80th anniversary on April 1, this year. With executive committees, we will push forward approach to have many people concerned with Tozuka deepen attachment to Tozuka triggered by this turning point, and to be able to think that it is, "Tozuka is good".
As we will act as thought of various area, company including all of you for administration of ward administration carefully, support, cooperation, please.


    It is hello ward office

It is management responsibility job this year. Thank you in advance.

[the front row]
Central Director General            Hideki Yoshiizumi
The right vice-Director General           Hiroko Suzuki
The left Health and Welfare Center head     Masahiro Satomi

[the back row]
Center Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Sawako Uchida
Right Tozuka engineering works desk work director      Takashi Nakajima
Left Tozuka fire chief        Shigeyoshi Sato

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Telephone: 045-866-8321

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