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[Totsuka Ward] Let's have a good time at home

Information for having fun at home is compiled.

Final update date July 10, 2020

[Child care]

Parents' classroom

We distribute videos on how to take a baby's bath and maternity exercises that you can easily enjoy at home.
Parent classroom menu available at home

[Health promotion in the house]

Totsuka Women's Sports Online Course

Based in the ward, women's sports teams (rugby, soccer, softball) who are active in Japan and abroad will explain the rules of exercise and competition that can be done at home in an easy-to-understand manner with videos.
Let's get rid of the lack of exercise with female athletes!

(Public property) Yokohama Sports Association

We introduce videos of exercises that can be easily done at home.
Introduction of exercise casually at home (outside site)

Totsuka Ward Health Activities Promotion Committee

Introducing gymnastics that can be done while doing housework and watching TV at home.
Once a day! Feel free to exercise while doing something at home.

[Learning and playing]

MEXT Children's Learning Support Site

You can watch videos and download learning materials free of charge from a wide range of links.
Children's Learning Support Site-Learning Support Content Portal Site during Temporary Holiday Period-(External Site)


Contents that can be enjoyed at Municipal Central Library

You can enjoy videos of picture-story shows such as folk tales that have been handed down to Yokohama for a long time, and children's songs that can be played by parents and children.
Content that can be enjoyed at home (video, coloring, etc.)


Totsuka Ward area child care support base and tsutomu

From the blog on the page, you can watch yoga videos that can be done at home to download coloring pages that can be played by parents and children and to change the mood of dads and moms.
The official Instagram (@ totonome_totsuka) introduces videos of home play that parents and children can enjoy.

Totto no Megumi Homepage (External Site)

Totto no Megumi Official Instagram (outside site)

Traffic Safety Education Video (for lower grades of elementary school)

Introducing traffic safety education videos that can be learned on YouTube so that you can spend your time safely even during school closures and safely commute to school when school reopens.
Traffic Safety Education DVD "Basic Edition" Full Edition (production: JA Kyosai) (outside site)

Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center

We introduce useful disaster prevention techniques, disaster prevention content for infants, disaster prevention recipes, and firefighting music band initiatives.
BOSEN Neru (external site)


Takeout & Delivery Yokohama

Kitchen in Yokohama

Introducing time-saving recipes that can be easily made and recipes that can be made only with stock ingredients.
Make use of the product to reduce the burden of thinking about menus!
Kitchen (Cookpad) in Yokohama (outside site)

[Culture and Art]

Why don't you make time to touch culture and art because you have a long time at home?
There are many contents that can be enjoyed by a wide range of generations, from children to adults.


Yokohama Noh-theater


New National Theater

[Nature and Animals]

From the closed facilities, we will send photos and videos of beautifully blooming flowers and animals at the zoo.

Garden Necklace Yokohama

Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia

[I feel the charm of Tozuka]

We send charm in Totsuka Ward city's
Please post wonderful photos that you have taken in Totsuka Ward photos should also be posted with "#Like Phototsuka".
Let's share the charm of Tozuka with everyone!


Official Account of Totsuka Ward Official Account

Official Instagram of Totsuka Ward Instagram (outside site)
(Account name @ totsuka_yokohama_official)

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