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2018 (Heisei 30)

Last update date July 30, 2020

※Information that we placed is thing at the time of issuance.

March issue

[cover] Friend of child care generation! Please use tottono bud satellite
[special feature] Authorized items of "oishiimonototsuka brand" increased

February issue

[cover] "kokoron" is full in heart of all!
[special feature] Tozuka manufacturing pride exhibition
     totsuka street live spring festival 2019

January issue

[cover] Public information totsuka questionnaire
[special feature] As for ... this year of the 80th anniversary of Tozuka constituency system, commemorative events are varied! ...

December issue

[cover] It is a lot in winter! Emergency conveyance
[special feature] Livable town development - engineering works office ...

November issue

[cover] totsuka reduce disaster damage fair
[special feature] Do you know member of health practice promotion?

October issue

[cover] totsuka ekofesuta
[special feature] Tozuka contact inhabitant of a ward Festival

September issue

[cover] Let's feel nature of Tozuka to be!
[special feature] To follow command from heavy rain and disaster

August issue

[cover] Uterine cervix cancer increases rapidly to 30s from 20 years old!
[special feature] 2 totsuka history walk ... ...

July issue

[cover] Summer play one point advice
[special feature] Summer vacation outing feature

June issue

[cover] Your "totsuka" daiboshu
[special feature] Heart smile cheerful natotsukanotameni to be connected wealthily

May issue

[cover] Let's support together. Go for it, girl of Tozuka plays sports!
[special feature] totsuka history walk

April issue

[cover] We introduce main facility maintenance in ward in 2018
[special feature] We organized the "making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs" budget in 2018

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