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Special feature standing matter for public information Yokohama Totsuka Ward

For from September, 2020 to December, we issue 4 consecutive special feature standing matter. You pull out, and please save because you are the case of emergency.                                                                                                                                            

Last update date October 6, 2020

※Other than distribution with public information Yokohama turning on Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations,
 We arrange even Totsuka Ward government office and Yokohama-shi PR box (station or district center).

[October issue] Disaster prevention feature vol2

Of home possess; project! /disaster prevention, inhabitant of a ward map

◆1-2 pages of storage

・When big earthquake occurs, public utilities such as electricity, gas, water supply becomes stop state.
 Even if disaster is caused, let's make everyday preparations to live by feeling relieved at home safely.
・We write in at worksheet and are necessary for each family
 We will do storage simulation of "home".

◆3-4 pages of disaster prevention, inhabitant of a ward map
・In disaster prevention, inhabitant of a ward map, we will identify evacuation area as your evacuation shelter.
・We introduce 10 disaster prevention to be possible in living right now.
  We confirm disaster prevention in house and disaster prevention when going out and will practice.

[September issue] Disaster prevention feature vol1

 Can you follow command of oneself and own family by the current preparation?

◆1-2 pages of storm and flood damage

・What kind of danger hides behind in home neighborhood or commuting, school route?
 Let's confirm from hazard map.
・How do you move in typhoon and heavy rain ..., which timing when you can predict course and scale?
 We will think about evacuation action.

◆3-4 pages of earthquake disasters

・When earthquake that is higher than intensity 5 upper came, can you image how you evacuate?
 Should we go to refuge? Or it is ...
・While there is concern of expansion of infectious disease, too,
 Are evacuation action to prevent infection spread, evacuation preparations ・・?

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