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Registration of dog

Last update date August 8, 2019

Registration of dog

Owner of dog is required to register within 30 days from day when we acquired dog by rabies prophylaxis.

*It is less than 30 days about dog within 90 days after life 91 days after birth later

Registration procedure of new registration, preventive injection finished of dog

1.We have we receive preventive injection of rabies, and veterinarian issue "identification of rabies vaccination finished".

2.You prepare the following things, and please come to ward office.
○In the case of new registration

  • Identification of rabies vaccination finished
  • Fee 3,550 yen (registration 550 yen of registration 3,000 yen + injection of dog)

○Case (registered dog) only for preventive injection registration

  • Identification of rabies vaccination finished
  • Fee 550 yen

*You have veterinarian issue "rabies vaccination postponement reason book" when we cannot perform rabies vaccination for diseases, and take.

3."It has been injected and will issue vote" with "dog dog's license tag" at ward office.

*Only when "dog dog's license tag" is new
*Case only for registration lists in "registration application of house dog" at window, and it is necessary to have you perform application.

Of dog keep; about of dog keep, and please see person.

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