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Row of cherry blossom trees of the Kashio River

Last update date March 25, 2019

The Kashio River and the branch

The Kashio River is Akuwa River of Kashiocho, Totsuka-ku and the second grade river of extension about 11km from junction of Ei Hirato Tanikawa to the Sakai River junction of Fujisawa-shi. Basin area is the second size in about 84km2, Yokohama-shi.
This river often repeated flood as we acted violently, and having been called river in old days. It is from 1980 that full-scale river repair was carried out as the river improvement measures, and maintenance corresponding to rainfall 50mm per one hour in basin is pushed forward.
In addition, promenade which is hydrophilic space where green utilizing passage for river management is rich in in sections from Kashiwao Bridge adjacent to BRIDGESTONE on the upper classes side to Sakae Ward Iijima Bridge is maintained. There are open space or event stage which used dike and rise of a river o with floor and becomes space of rest that we can enjoy rekurieshon in waterside.

※You can see information of river in ward from river in ward.

The early Kashio River row of cherry blossom trees of the Showa era

It is famous spot for its cherry blossoms from the Edo era
History of cherry blossoms of the Kashio River is old and can date back to the Ansei year. Early in Taisho - Showa era, tunnel of wonderful cherry blossoms ranged on both sides from Totsuka Station to big boat and came to be known as Kanto outstanding famous spot for its cherry blossoms. Afterwards, we repeat felling by war and repair and new tree planting and lead to the present situation.
Cherry blossoms existing in the Kashio River promenade in ward are about 700, and about 80% is Yoshino cherry tree now. In addition, Prunus speciosa, 9 kinds including wild cherry tree are confirmed.

"Cherry blossoms" are flowers of ward

Flower "cherry blossoms" of ward design mark

After performing offer of "flower tree in ward that remained in impression of everybody" in commemoration of the constituency system 60th anniversary to select "flower of Totsuka Ward" as 1998, about 60% of the whole was "cherry blossom", and about 70% of those was cherry blossom of the Kashio River.
Flower "cherry blossoms" of this ward design mark images flow and cherry blossom petals of water of such Kashio River.

We dance cherry blossom viewing dance and parade

It is venue of Tozuka Sakura Festival
In the Kashio River, "Tozuka Sakura Festival" is started in 1957 every year in April of flowering time of cherry blossoms. We get on song of "Tozuka inhabitant of a ward musical accompaniment", and area entertainment that drum plays the Kashio River riverbed in venue other than "cherry blossom viewing dance parade" rotating from Totsuka Station to Asahicho Street, Kashio riverbank and the Kashio River riverbed is performed.


Reproduction of row of cherry blossom trees way of the Kashio River

At Totsuka Ward government office, we decided to plan reproduction about more than 50 in the right bank (the Tozuka Elementary School side) of Asahi Bridge - Takashima Bridge with crowd who was the first in symbolic existence of Totsuka Ward at cherry blossom viewing time among rows of cherry blossom trees of tree planting in 1952. If it adds hand little by little as there is still force of the whole row of cherry blossom trees now, this is because it thought that it can evade that row of cherry blossom trees itself does not die.
Policies of reproduction are as follows.
... growing power of a tree recovery (the pruning root improvement of unnecessary branch) to make use of cherry blossoms of 1 now in as much as possible
Tree which 2 is remarkable, and declines is Wakagi tree planting after transplantation ... felling
It is tree planting ... new tree planting in space where 3 is new
It is repaired parts such as ... pavement by promenade which is easy to walk 4

Illustration of cherry blossoms

Summary of revival plan
Row of cherry blossom trees of 1 place Kashio River right bank side (Asahi Bridge - Takashima Bridge) and promenade
From 2003 to 2008 between the second
The 2003 pruning
After 2004 transplantation, the root improvement, new tree planting
54 number of cherry blossoms for 3 reproduction (as for one of them for fallen tree only in the root)

Breakdown, 53 pruning number of 4 update plans
Nine felling number
Six felling examination number (we reexamine necessity or not of felling after the follow-up)
39 root improvement number
Five (it increases when we fell felling examination tree) tree planting (for transplantation)
Around 17 tree planting (newly)

The end of January, 2004: We installed signboard which told the field about revival plan. (the neighborhood of Asahi Bridge, Sakurabashi, Takashima bridge)

Signboard of revival plan

For person who wants to read signboard
We prepared picture file.
We download, and please see.
Signboard (image: 110KB) of revival plan

The middle of February, 2004: We pruned dead twig, unnecessary branch.

State of the pruning of cherry blossoms

We sent to how to cut carefully.

The end of July, 2004: We put explanation board to nine cherry blossoms targeted for felling.

State that is explanation of cherry blossoms edition

We display the growing power of a tree situation of each cherry blossom with picture clearly.

The end of November, 2004: We fell five cherry blossoms. Transplantation mashita.

State of transplantation work of cherry blossoms

Thank you for pleasing everybody for a long time. And thank you.

December 17, 2004: We plant cherry blossoms at "the Kashio River row of cherry blossom trees way reproduction event"!

Tozuka fifth grader helps with memorable transplantation for the first time in about 50 years.
*Cherry blossoms which planted a tree on that day are seven in total. Fifth grader helped with three tree planting of them.

The Kashio River row of cherry blossom trees way reproduction event
State of event
Help of cherry blossoms tree planting. Cherry blossoms which we planted this time are around 10 years old. We are brought up well with all.
We performed soil case.It is pose yes!Teacher built monument.

Tree planting 1 of cherry blossoms

Tree planting 2 of cherry blossoms

Tree planting 3 of cherry blossoms

With cherry blossoms which we felled as tip, it is made with smoked ingredients. We smoked boiled egg.
Shelling of boiled eggWe put cherry blossoms tip in this box and smoke.Completion!

The making of smoked ingredients 1

The making of smoked ingredients 2

The making of smoked ingredients 3

We displayed photograph of "mysterious creature which lay hidden in darkness of the Kashio River" of imagination that we made together. (on handrail of dike in front of Tozuka Elementary School, we gave glory until January 20.)
It is work of all.We gave glory on handrail.We gave glory with like this in a row.

Work display 1

Work display 2

Work display 3

Of course as for the cleaning of river. The cleaning volunteer "clean Kashio River" came, too. We tried all hard!
Cleaning of riverbedThe clean Kashio River came, too.We performed how to put out garbage class.

Cleaning 1

Cleaning 2

Cleaning 3

From all this, take good care of the Kashio River and row of cherry blossom trees.

History of row of cherry blossom trees of the Kashio River

History of row of cherry blossom trees of the Kashio River
Main event
Dike broken by heavy rain is planted by memory that we got over
We dry out in the Meiji era
Tree planting between Asahi Bridge - Takashima Bridge
We fell by bank repair work
2,000 saplings, big tree 50 plant a tree as repair work completion memory
Tunnel (on both sides of way of both sides row of trees) of cherry blossoms of 4km
The early days of the Showa era
(1926 ...)
In heyday of turnout, it becomes one of the best famous spots for its cherry blossoms in Kanto
Tea dealer of 50 links the eaves every year
We fell all to assume fuel and wood
We plant 2,000 saplings of Yoshino cherry tree by 6km endlessly
Sakura Festival begins
We plant Forsythia suspensa between cherry blossoms
During 700 existence, we fell 450 that became targeted for measures, and 350 only Wakagi is planted for ten years by repair work
From 1983 to 1993
Promenade maintenance

The Kashio River and row of cherry blossom trees in town development plan

By "town development of Tozuka" (city planning master plan ward plan)
Toward realization of aim of town development, we advocate five approaches that you take first priority for the time being and should work on. We maintain along the Kashio River in one "we wait, and river is made with cherry blossoms scenery" as scenery axis of Totsuka Ward and decide to aim at the making of comfortable city space that seems to be Tozuka.
"Town development of Tozuka" (ward plan)

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