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Let's relieve lack of exercise with player! "Women's sports online course of Tozuka"

You come to often spend time under the influence of new coronavirus in the room, and do you not suffer from lack of exercise? We are based in ward and explain rule of exercise and competition that there is player of sports team (rugby, soccer, softball) playing an active part in home and abroad for women at home with video clearly. We check video, and let's relieve lack of exercise!

Last update date October 5, 2020


Training to be possible at TKM ① home

Introduction of TKM ② seven-a-side

TKM ③ play introduction

NHK SPRING Yokohama FC Segal's

Segal's ① human trunk training

Art of Segal's ② lifting

Art of Segal's ③ dribble

Hitachi softball club sun diva

Stretch of the sun diva edition ① waistline

Stretch of the sun diva edition ② backbone, neckwear

Stretch of the sun diva edition ③ hip joint circumference

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