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Dream project subsidy of totsuka inhabitant of a ward

Last update date April 27, 2020

With dream project subsidy of totsuka inhabitant of a ward

It is system to support a part of operating cost for voluntary activity of various places of inhabitant of a ward leading to solution to local improvement in charm and problem. ※Offer of 2020 was finished.

2020 grant business (PDF: 111KB)

2020 offer flyer (PDF: 847KB)

Dream project subsidy 2020 application essential point (PDF: 646KB) of totsuka inhabitant of a ward

※ 2019 grant business (PDF: 136KB)
※ 2018 grant business (PDF: 172KB)

Supporting object


Group targeted for subsidy is group meeting the next condition.
●Existence of group and representative being clear
●Do not be aimed for politics, religion, profit
●Member of group being five or more, and half or more being residence, working, attendance at school in ward
●Have base of activity in ward
●Being group aiming at carrying out a voluntary activity


Business targeted for subsidy contributes to community development full of charm and local problem solution, and, among business to carry out by March 31, 2021 from April 1, 2020, corresponds to the following field.
  ●Culture, business about art promotion
  ●Business about sports promotion
  ●Business about international exchange
  ●Business about environmental conservation
  ●In addition, among business with social publicity particularly business that Director General accepted
 But applicable thing is excluded next.
  ●Business that main object is not inhabitant of a ward
  ●Business that there is not conduct place as master in ward
  ●Business not to be completed by the end of the year concerned
  ●Business to be voluntary, and to be independent, and not to be carried out
  ●Business that is possible when we receive grant of subsidy
  ●Authorized individual and business that intends only for group
  ●Business only for the purpose of the friendship and interchange between members
  ●Business that receives financial support from country, local public entity and those affiliated organizations
※ About business about young people healthy upbringing, "young people healthy upbringing business to bring up in area" is going to raise "totsuka heart plan subsidies" about business about the welfare, health separately.
Inquiry: "Young people healthy upbringing business to bring up in area:" Regional Promotion Division (866-8415, 8416)
"totsuka heart plan subsidy:" Health and Welfare Division (866-8424)

Type of subsidy and supporting contents

In application, we can choose one among two next courses. In addition, application is until 1 business in 1 group.

Course contents
 Start-up courseJump-up course
ObjectGroup where it is of quite a recent date after starting activity
(at the time of application group until the activity third year)
Group which wants to be enriched expansion of activity
Limit150,000 yen300,000 yen
Supporting rateLess than four-fifths of supporting target expenseLess than a half of supporting target expense
The supporting number of timesIn 1 group to twiceFor equal business to three times

Supporting target expense

In expenses to affect conduct of business, examples of supporting target expense are as follows.
(expense to affect exchange meeting, party only by group member does not become targeted for assistance.)

Supporting target expense
Item of expenditureSupporting target expenseExpense that is not considered to be targeted for assistance
CompensationCompensation for thing except group member such as outside lecturer, leader, performerCompensation to group member
Food costsLunch charges such as outside lecturer, leader, performer of the day of the business except group member of the thingsMeal charges of group member and business participant, meal charges at meeting for business preparations
Use, rentalUse, rentals such as venue, machine parts necessary for business operationUse, rentals such as venue, machine parts to use at ordinary meetings for group administration
Print costsPrint charges such as flyer, poster for public informationInk toner charges, copy charges of material to use at ordinary meetings for group administration
PremiumPremium of event insurance or outside lecturer, leader, performer, staff (administration cooperator and group member) individualPremium of business participant individual
Expendable supplies costsThe purchase costs of article necessary for conduct of businessThe purchase costs such as materials that business participant becomes owned, the purchase costs of article for the purpose of using after business continuously
Communication costsDistribution cost such as flyer, poster for public informationCall charge, communication fee
Construction, transportation costsTrust costs of the venue construction, machine parts transportation, parking fee when we used privately-owned cars, toll road chargesGasoline cost such as privately-owned cars
Transportation expensesTransportation expenses that outside lecturer, leader, performer, staff (administration cooperator and group member) needs on the day of the business, transportation expenses to need to make arrangements with lecturer at outsideExpense accompanied with use such as privately-owned cars which are not aimed for transportation expenses required for meeting in group, the construction, transportation
OthersIn addition, expense that Director General accepted in particular

Application method

In subsidy application, you make the next submission documents, and please bring to submission within offer period.

Application method
Submission documentsSubsidy grant application (the first style) (PDF) (PDF: 131KB)
Business plan (No. 2 style) (Word) (word: 27KB)
Business budget book (No. 3 style) (Word) (word: 29KB)
Group summary book (No. 4 style) (Word) (word: 26KB)
Documents which are similar to terms of group, these articles of association or other
Group member list (No. 5 style) (Word) (word: 26KB)
This year group business plan (No. 6 style) (Word) (word: 25KB)
This year group business budget book (No. 7 style) (Word) (word: 28KB)

One set of submission style (PDF) (PDF: 164KB)

Offer periodFrom Monday, February 3, 2020 to 28th Friday
Reception hours: From 8:45 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
SubmissionTotsuka Ward government office Regional Promotion Division (the ninth floor of the ward office 94th window) (Tel 045-866-8416)
By mail cannot submit. Please bring to window.
Please consult over telephones until charge before submission of documents by all means.


In grant decision, we hold dream project subsidy review meeting (the afternoon of Friday, March 13, 2020) of totsuka inhabitant of a ward in addition to examination of application documents which had you apply. Toward the representative of group, we have you give presentation at the review meeting concerned about application contents and have you perform questions and answers from review meeting committee member. (required attendance)

Examination point

[examination point]
●Does it lead to the local making of charm and problem solution whether there is publicity, utility?
●Is it no wonder for feasible plan or plan?
●Business widely open to inhabitant of a ward
●Do you make prospect for independence of future business?
●Is budget appropriate?


Application submission (from February 3, 2020 to February 28)

Review meeting holding (March 13)

Notice of subsidy grant decision (the beginning of April)

Bill submission and subsidy grant (in the case of payment in advance)

Business operation

Report submission (from the end of the business less than two months)

Bill submission and subsidy grant (in the case of subsequent payment)
※As a general rule, grant of subsidy is subsequent payment, but when there is not business operation if we do not issue subsidy before business completion, we pay in front of, and it is said that it is possible

Panel exhibition (March, 2021)
Panel exhibition: Activity report panel exhibition to have inhabitants of a ward know activity contents of subsidy grant group widely

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