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"I did it this way, and reading lecture became writer" for 2019 Totsuka Ward book-reading activities promotion month

Last update date September 5, 2019

 It is book-reading activities promotion month of Yokohama citizen every year in November.

 We hold reading lecture by Totsuka Ward native place writer this year.

 "This mystery is great!" the Takarajima Corporation sponsorship 17th last year We win grand prix award, and prizewinner invites Kurai eyebrows Kai who "woodcutter of monster" is published in January, 2019, and made writer debut as lecturer. He does not give up becoming novelist and talks about the distance and own work which led to writer debut.
 Let alone person who is mystery fan, bookworm, does person who was not interested in book not find new pleasure of reading through writer so far?
 Targeting at lecture participants, we plan autograph session after lecture on that day. On the day we distribute rearranging ticket to applicants at the time of entrance (30 first arrival). Writing "woodcutter of monster" (Takarajima Corporation) is best as for signing. As it is not accepted colored papers, please bring "woodcutter of monster" by all means when you wish to sign.

Lecture summary


  Saturday, November 9, 2019 13:00-14:30 (going to be finished) opening 12:30
  ※We carry out autograph session with a limitation of 30 after lecture (14:40-15:40 plan)


  Totsuka Ward synthesis government building utility room (very much) (16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku Totsuka Ward synthesis the third floor of the government building)


  200 (prior application system, first-come-first-served basis)

Entrance fee

  Free of charge

Lecture flyer


Instructions on applying

  • This lecture almost intends for junior high student or more.
  • You match companion with the person and can apply to two people.
  • When it is arrived with wheelchairs, please fill out "communication column" of application form.
  • We raise prior questions to Kurai eyebrows Kai. Question to him if may want to talk, please fill out "communication column" of application form.

Application method

  From Wednesday, October 16, 2019 9:30  ※As soon as become capacity; the deadline
  You input required items into application form (the outside site), and apply.

Instructions on entering of the day

  • When application is completed, we accept, and notice email arrives. On the day please offer beforehand as you see paper (in the case of cell-phone, smartphone email screen) which registers at reception desk in the case of entrance, and printed notice email.
  • You enter after the person and companion gathered, and, in the case of application, please accept in two people.
  • This lecture is unreserved seat.
  • After having finished entrance acceptance, participation in autograph session applicant after lecture, please advance to autograph session reception desk. Please show writing "woodcutter of monster" (Takarajima Corporation) on this occasion. I hand rearranging ticket to the first 30 people.

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