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Totsuka Ward Shopping Street Revitalization Event Subsidy Project

Totsuka Ward Shopping Street Revitalization Event Subsidy Project Subsidy (FY2020)

Final update date February 19, 2021

※In light of the effects of the new coronavirus infection, the application deadline has been extended from June 30, 2020 to September 30, 2020.

In Totsuka Ward aims to createTotsuka Ward to create contact and bustle with the local community by supporting event projects in which shopping streets in the city participate and carry out, and to create attractive shopping streets and revitalize shopping streets. We carry out shopping street activation event furtherance business.

Application requirements

  1. About assistance target person
    An organization organized by a store association in Totsuka Ward and organizations organized by multiple stores. However, if the representative is a gangster, it will not be eligible for assistance.
  2. About business targeted for assistance
    The event will be hosted and implemented by the recipients themselves.
    However, events whose main purpose is to sell will be subsidized only for shopping streets with 30 or less stores.

About subsidy amount

  1. Subsidy limit
    250,000 yen per case
    However, multiple shopping streets will be sponsored in Totsuka Ward City, and the business targeting the entire inhabitant of a ward will be 500,000 yen.
  2. Subsidy rate
    1/2 of the subsidized expenses
  3. Subsidized expenses
    Advertising expenses, rewards, food expenses, venue construction expenses, venue rental expenses, purchase expenses, royalties, insurance premiums, consignment expenses, consumables expenses, conference room rental expenses, etc.
    ※About the details of expense targeted for assistance, please confirm separate table 1 of "subsidy grant summary".

About application

  1. Documents to be submitted
    When you apply for mall activation event business subsidy, please submit the next documents.
    (1)Shopping Street Revitalization Event Business Subsidy Grant Application (No. 1 style)
    (2)Shopping Street Revitalization Event Business Overview (2 of the first style)
    (3)Shopping district revitalization event business income and expenditure budget book (3 of the first style)
    (4)Articles of Incorporation or Terms and Conditions of Shopping Streets
    (5)Member list or participating store list
  2. Application deadline
    September 30, 2020                                                                                                   
  3. Submission destination
    Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division Regional Activies Section (Totsuka Ward City (9th floor, 95th window, 〒244-0003 16-17 Totsuka-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi) or submit by mail.

Reporting results

Group which received grant of subsidy, please submit the next documents immediately after business.

  1. Shopping Street Revitalization Event Subsidy Business Results Report (No. 7 style)
  2. Shopping Street Revitalization Event Business Results Summary (2 of No. 7 Style)
  3. Shopping Street Revitalization Event Business Balance Report (No. 7 style 3)
  4. Receipts and other documents certifying expenditures related to the calculation of income and expenditure or copies thereof
  5. Project Implementation Photo
  6. Other Documents deemed necessary by Director General's


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