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Takeout & delivery Yokohama

Last update date February 19, 2021

 Takeout and delivery in Yokohama-shi make done store list and introduce to support restaurant in the severe situation by infection spread of new coronavirus. I would like support of the city restaurant performing takeout, delivery including publication store by all means.
  In addition, owner carrying out takeout and delivery in restaurant in Yokohama-shi would like registration by all means. Registration to list of "takeout & delivery Yokohama" stores is free. Store is in Yokohama-shi without Store Association participation, non-member relations, and even anyone can propose if it is store performing takeout and delivery. Please inflect.

  ⇑Please choose Totsuka Ward among list of each ward store.

Volunteers of Higashitotsuka Store Association gather and are site delivering delicious lunch of restaurant local as support of restaurant and support of table of house where it is not gone out and side dish.

It is introduction page of takeout delivery store with local information magazine "Tozuka newspaper".

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Telephone: 045-866-8411

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