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We introduce local contribution company in ward!

Last update date October 17, 2018


Through introduction of company contributing to community in local town development, employment and the cooperation at the time of disaster as member constituting community, we plan area and breeding of exchange promotion with company and confidence and are intended that we realize rich inhabitant of a ward life.

Summary of Yokohama model local contribution company

We focus on business with the city company employing Yokohama citizen positively and perform management that was conscious of area and, through main profession and other activities, authorize companies wrestling in social business such as environmental conservation activity, area volunteer activity based on constant standard as "Yokohama type local contribution company" and are system to support growth, development. (Yokohama corporate management support foundation authorizes)

List of introduction companies

We introduce company profile of Yokohama model local contribution company located in Totsuka Ward, product summary and characteristic. (the order of the kana syllabary)


No.Company nameOne point introduction
Okada constructionWe meet request of customer in all sincerity, and required quality is offered surely
koeikogyokabushikikaishaWe offer disaster prevention facilities and contribute to relief of security and living of city
Nobutomo constructionWe open up the future with frontier spirit in foundation by "trust" with customer and friend


No.Company nameOne point introduction
Kowa Kensetsu KogyoAiming at the 35th anniversary of the foundation (2019), "complete victory, progress" is aim of Kowa Kensetsu Kogyo.
TanikawaWe help with "hospitality" with ease with cleanliness.
Orient water mechanicThe Orient water mechanic wants to become company which is useful for area even a little toward company trusted through "water".
Nagano engineering firmWe reach the first century from founding and we continue having feeling of thanks to local all of you in future and will work hard at contribution to area.
Yokohama SeibiFor comfortable living that one step goes heartfelt service to you.


No.Company nameOne point introduction
Ikoma landscape gardening engineering worksWe make better area environment and continue protecting green.
Kitamura gardenEnvironment creation which creates ease and help


No.Company nameOne point introduction
Ueki, Ikoma companyWe continue protecting green of Yokohama
Interchange packSale of plan design and sale, person concerned with packing and soap easy naturally
Okawa printSocial printing company which aims at contribution to society through print
Willow tit constructionGeneral contractor which is community-based, and creates business
Showa KogyoAs for the facilities construction about water supply and drainage/ventilation/air conditioning/gas, leave it to me!
Taiyo ConstructionWe get the future of glory by "life construction" to succeed to to the next generation
Takao industryIt is general construction industry company of 50 years, trust and the results in Yokohama
Nisshin constructionTrust and the making of building of bond

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