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"Child care support day schedule calendar" is now available!

Final update date March 12, 2020

Relaxing in your heart ... Why don't you find a favorite word?
"Child care support day schedule calendar" is now available!

From 181 "child care support messages" recruited from inhabitants of a ward in public information May issue, we choose 31 messages for one month with inhabitants of a ward doing child care support activity Was. Thank you for your application.
There are many smiles with cute photos of the symbol character "Cappy (*)" of Yokohama City Child Abuse Prevention. On days when you do your best to raise children, when you are a little tired, or when you are sad, a message that permeates your heart will support tomorrow's spirit.

You can download and print your favorite messages and photos, or use the smartphone's waiting screen.

※The origin of the name "Cappy" is CAPY (ChildAbusePrevention Yokohama) = "Yokohama Child Abuse Prevention".

Child care support day schedule calendar
Overall version (1 to 31 days) (PDF: 9,147KB)
1st (image: 59KB), 2nd (image: 59KB), 3rd (image: 58KB), 4th (image: 59KB), 5th (image: 58KB)
6th (image: 59KB), 7th (image: 59KB), 8th (image: 59KB), 9th (image: 59KB), 10th (image: 59KB)
11th (image: 59KB), 12th (image: 58KB), 13th (image: 59KB), 14th (image: 59KB), 15th (image: 59KB)
16th (image: 59KB), 17th (image: 58KB), 18th (image: 59KB), 19th (image: 59KB), 20th (image: 58KB)
21st (image: 59KB), 22nd (image: 59KB), 23rd (image: 59KB), 24th (image: 58KB), 25th (image: 59KB)
26th (image: 59KB), 27th (image: 59KB), 28th (image: 59KB), 29th (image: 58KB), 30th (image: 59KB)
31st (image: 59KB)
Reference Totsuka Ward Children and Families Support Division TEL045-86-8470

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Telephone: 045-8686-4666

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