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[Totsuka Ward] Fiscal year appointment staff (nursery school staff daily job) Information on recruitment of registration system for fiscal 2021

Information on the registration system for fiscal year appointment staff (nursery school staff daily job) to be hired after April 1, 2021.

Final update date: January 27, 2021

 The fiscal year appointment staff (nursery school staff daily job) must register the desired job type and working hours in advance, and determine the appointment of the job that needs to be appointed from the registered person through selection. You. (In addition to the appointment at the beginning of the fiscal year, if necessary, the appointment will be made in the middle of the fiscal year.)
 If you would like to register for the fiscal year appointment staff (nursery school staff daily job), please check the following and submit registration documents.

1 Application and Selection Flow

(1) Fill out required items City in the registration documents (Fiscal year appointment staff (daily job) registration form (word: 24KB))
   Please bring to application (Totsuka Ward Children and Families Support Division or Totsuka Ward City Nursery School by mail.
   ※ If you wish to appoint on April 1, 2021, please submit by [Fri, February 19, 2021].
(2) We will register at the application site. (The validity period of the appointment registration is until March 31, 2022.)
(3) Depending on the situation of recruitment of each municipal nursery school, we will tell about conduct of interview selection from registrant.
(4) We will conduct an interview screening. (For jobs that require appointment, we will tell you about the working conditions of the job again and make a selection.
   S. )
(5) After the selection process, we will inform you of the results of the selection.

  <For details, please check this recruitment guide (PDF: 409KB)>

    Registration does not guarantee appointment. Even if you register, if you do not meet the conditions of recruitment at each garden, we will contact you for an interview.

2. Qualifications

Those who meet the following requirements
 Being at least graduated from junior high school as of April 1, 2021
 ※ Depending on the job you want, you may need qualification requirements. Please check this list of registered recruiting occupations (PDF: 135KB).

3 Occupations, working conditions, etc.

(1) Type of job
     For details, please refer to this list of registered recruiting occupations (PDF: 135KB).
   A nursery school nursery staff
   I Nursery school childcare assistance staff
   C nursery school cook staff
   E Nursery school office staff
   O nursery school light-working assistant staff
(2) Working Conditions
    List of registered job openings (PDF: 135KB)
   ※ Other working conditions are based on related regulations such as the regulations about salary and expense compensation of the staff appointed in Yokohama-shi fiscal year.
(3) Identity status
   Fiscal year appointments as defined in Article 22-2 of the Local Public Service Act
(4) Appointment period
   Appointment will be made as necessary from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
   ※ If your work performance is good, you may be re-appointed. (Up to 4 times)

4. disqualification clause

 In the case of a disqualification reason for recruitment stipulated in Article 16 of the Local Public Service Act, the appointment of the fiscal year appointment staff cannot be performed.
(1) Those who are sentenced to imprisonment or higher and until their execution is completed or no longer received.
(2) A person who has been dismissed as a Yokohama City employee and has not passed two years from the date of the disposition.
(3) A person who has been a member of the Human Resources Committee or the Equity Committee and has been guilty and sentenced to punishment prescribed in Chapter 5 of the Local Public Service Act
(4) Conclusion of political parties and other organizations claiming to destroy the Constitution of Japan or the government established under it by violence after the date of enforcement of the Constitution of Japan   
   A person who has formed or joined this

5. When hiring, physical checkup

 If necessary, you will be asked to see a physical checkup is needed.

6. Other

 The personal information provided in the submitted documents will not be used for any purpose other than the appointment procedure for the fiscal year appointment staff. 

7. Suspension conditions

 This case is subject to suspensionYokohama City Council this case is subject to suspend the budget for fiscal 2021.


 Totsuka Ward Children and Families Support Division (16-17 Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku)
 Kawakami Nursery School (4-9 Kawakamicho, Totsuka-ku)
 Maioka Nursery School (1956 Maiokacho, Totsuka-ku)
 Kumisawa Nursery School (1-22-33 Kumisawa, Totsuka-ku)
 Harajuku Nursery School (4-22-2 Harajuku, Totsuka-ku)

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