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[some resumption] About child care support project of municipal nursery school

[announcement of some resumption] About Center for Early Childhood Education and Care which stopped for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention and nursery school area child care support project, we reopen business in form to limit some approaches. But, depending on the infection spread situation, please understand as we may stop business again. Approach to reopen is opening of garden, nursery school building and child care consultation (as for the events such as interchange with living-in-children and childcare course, lecture, concert, the indoor outside continues stop regardless of scale together).

Last update date August 4, 2020

Let's find child and play bo, friend

Child care support project in municipal nursery school

(Children and Families Support Section TEL: 045-866-8466)

Childcare course
We hold course to be useful for introduction, child care of play to be able to enjoy in parent and child.
・Object is non-school child.
・Reservation is necessary for each garden.

Interchange childcare
We play with children and can participate in event of garden.
・Object is non-school child.
・By contents, reservation is necessary for each garden.

Lunch interchange
Shall we eat school lunch of nursery school with children? (pay)
・Object is non-school child from 1 year, 3 months old child.
・Baby/infant food 320 yen staple food + side dish (baby food does not go.)
・Infant food 240 yen staple food + side dish
・It does not support the allergic removal foods.
・Reservation is necessary for each garden.
・We would like cancellation up to two days before.

Facility is open
We can play pool in garden and the summer of nursery school. In addition, we perform rental of picture book.
・Object is non-school child.

List of schedules of each business
・On New Year holidays (12/29-1/3) and holiday, we are absent.
・As you may change, please refer to each garden for the details.

About each municipal nursery school
The upper part of a river nursery schoolTo site of Yokohama-shi
Maioka nursery schoolTo site of Yokohama-shi
Gumizawa nursery schoolTo site of Yokohama-shi
Harajuku nursery schoolTo site of Yokohama-shi
Matano nursery schoolTo site of Yokohama-shi

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Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-866-8466

Telephone: 045-866-8466

Fax: 045-866-8473

E-Mail address [email protected]

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