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[during some resumption] Chick society (by appointment only)

※We publish about reservation to share in the beginning of October.

Last update date September 15, 2020

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, various business suspends and cause inhabitants of a ward trouble. We reopen in some venues about "chick meeting" (baby classroom) held in each area. As application method or capacity may be changed by the future situation, confirmation, please at any time on our homepage. If there are question, consultation, please refer over telephone casually. In addition, we gathered up hint of childcare of baby in the lower page so that person who could not participate in chick party could see. Please confirm in total.

For the healthy development of baby

Chick society (baby classroom)
(child home support charge TEL: 045-866-8469)

 We open baby classroom in each area. Interchange between mothers is fair regarding as important, too, but contents shorten time by lecture by lecturer and individual consultation and originally hold for prevention of infection.
 Please participate in venue of target area to live (one 1 venue).                                                   ※Venue of cancellation: Iwasaki school Higashitotsuka nursery school                                        

  • Object: The first child (0 years old child) of Totsuka Ward residence and the protector  ※Protector would like in principle one.
  • Application: It needs reservations in advance. Apply on the telephone. When you are canceled, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact.
  • Capacity: Capacity is different in each venue to avoid the situation that crowded. Please confirm on the telephone.
  • Contents: Story by overall nutrition such as parent and child play, mother's milk childcare, the cavity prevention, baby food, paramedic
  • Belonging: Thing necessary for outing such as bath towel (we use as carpet for child), diaper milk
  • Time: From 10:00 a.m. to 11:15

[application start for September holding]
●From Tuesday, September 1, 2020 9:00                                                                                          Hall (9/25) in hall (9/23), promenade Yabe meeting place (9/25), Uekura Tawaramachi in hall (9/17), Higashitotsuka community care plaza (9/17), Taisho district center (9/18), dendenkotsukadanjijichikaikan (9/18), Shimogo-machi in Kashio Elementary School community house (9/16), Harajuku community care plaza (9/16), Shimokuratacho   
※Application start for October holding is from Thursday, October 1.

[application start for October holding]
●From Wednesday, September 23, 2020 9:00                                                                                                                                                              Hall (10/14), Kamiyabe community care plaza (10/14), Maetamachi Neighborhood Associations building in hall (10/1), Gumizawa housing complex community hall (10/2), Uekura field community care plaza (10/7), young leave nursery school (10/7), Naze community care plaza (10/9), Yoshida-cho Neighborhood Associations building (10/9), valley Yabe Nishimachi in Yazawamachi managed by prefecture (10/14)
※Application start for November holding is from Wednesday, October 21. 


[) venue becomes two part system on Higashitotsuka community care plaza (September 17]

We select eligible people by contents of lecture this time.
[Part 1] It is the end eligible people at reception desk, 9:45 start, 10:30 from 9:30: One time of baby food food which does not start baby food
[Part 2] It is the end eligible people at reception desk, 10:45 start, 11:30 from 10:30: Two times of baby foods food, three times food

[ask] Please being careful in participation

・When protector, child, family have fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or more) and respiratory symptom (a cough, sneezing, mucus), poor physical condition, please refrain from participation.
・Before participation, I would like cooperation of hand-washing with soap or finger disinfection.
・According to a cough etiquette, adult, please wear mask.
・As you may not use equipment of venue for prevention of infection, please bring bath towel by all means.
As we are not ready for parking lot, please come in public transport.
When weather warning (heavy rain, flood, heavy snow, storm, rainstorm) and heavy snow advisory are announced before start from point in time two hours before business start by Yokohama meteorological observatory, business is called off. In addition, we do not hold resumption and transfer of business when it becomes warning cancellation afterwards

It is this about baby classroom (chick society) schedule in 2020

We compiled hint of childcare of baby who talked in chick society.

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