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The eating habits member of improvement promotion training course (health mate training course)

We raise students in 2020

Last update date August 3, 2020

Of "member of improvement promotion (nickname health mate) as for the eating habits" working for password in "our health is our kind" in area is the training course.
We learn knowledge of health promotion in the training course, and the eating habits become member of improvement promotion after the completion and can move into action as dragoman of health promotion in area.

Seminar summary

The date and time and the contents details

2020 schedule (all nine times)
Attendance time Date Contents (plan)
1 Monday, October 5

・Opening of a course type, orientation
・With lecture "member of prospective eating habits improvement promotion"

2 Wednesday, October 28

・About the periodontal disease prevention

3 Monday, November 30 ・Lecture and practical skill "health promotion and physical activity"
4 Monday, December 14 ・Lecture "health promotion and lifestyle-related diseases prevention"
・The lecture "eating habits of lifestyle-related diseases prevention"
・Lecture "food education according to eligible people"
5 Thursday, January 7

・Lecture "food hygiene and environmental hygiene in living"
・Practical skill "(using hand-washing checker) to learn right hand-washing method"
・Lecture "food indication"

・Lecture "heart and physical health promotion"
6 Tuesday, January 19 ・Cooking demonstration, health promotion and the eating habits
7 Monday, February 1 ・Lecture "member of eating habits improvement promotion and district organization activity ①"
8 Monday, March 1

・The end type
・Lecture "member of eating habits improvement promotion and district organization activity ②"

9 Tuesday, December 1 ・Yokohama-shi combination workshop (lecture)

※From each 13:30 to 15:30
※Schedule, content may be changed.


Totsuka Ward the fifth floor of the government office nutrition counselor's office others


Person who can attend more than eight times among all nine times courses by residence in Totsuka Ward
Person who can do volunteer activity as health mate after the course completion
15 capacity (first-come-first-served basis)


1,210 yen (text charges)

Application method

Or apply for telephone, FAX (the eating habits fill in request for member of improvement promotion training course application, Address, full name, age, Phone number) directly at window (the Totsuka Ward the sixth floor of the government office 62nd) of Health Promotion Section by from Tuesday, August 11 to Thursday, September 10.


Totsuka Ward government office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section
Telephone 866-8427

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