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Specific medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) medical expenses subsidy program

Last update date March 14, 2019

Specific medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) medical expenses subsidy program

Cause is unclear and, among so-called incurable disease which the treatment ⽅ method does not make kaku ⽴, says illness that Atsushi ⽣ labor ⼤⾂ sets with "designated incurable disease ", and 331 kinds of illness (at April 1, 2018) is appointed now.
Because treatment is extremely difficult, and the medical expenses amounts to the amount of ⾼, designated incurable disease medical expenses subsidy program is system to support ⼀ region of medical expenses modifying the treatment for ⽅ meeting ⼀ constant no authorization standard for the purpose of promotion of burden reduction and treatment study of medical expenses of patient.
We apply for ⽀ kyumitometei to receive the furtherance of medical expenses affecting designated incurable disease , and it is necessary to receive authorization.

Target illness

331 illness including Parkinson's disease, ulcer-related ⼤ enteritis
※For more information about illness, please confirm page (the outside site) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Application method

Please identify page of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau as application method about required documents.

Age limit


Payment contents

Medical expenses : Insurance application medical treatment costs (there is some self-pay) ※Only as for the designated medical institution

Medical care benefits such as congenital ⾎ ekikorikoin ⼦ disorders

Public expenditure is doing ⾃⼰ shares such as medical insurance about specific disease among congenital ⾎ ekikorikoin ⼦ disorders.

Target disease

As for ⾎ friend disease, it is 11 diseases
※For more information about application method or required documents, please confirm page (the outside site) of Kanagawa.

Age limit

20 years or older (⽅ under 18 becomes a target of the ⼩ child chronic specific illness medical expenses furtherance.)

Payment contents

Medical expenses : All the insurance application medical treatment costs

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