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Community care plaza

Last update date October 17, 2018

Community care plaza

We provide the welfare, health service generally at imminent place to be able to live a life that anyone felt relieved in area that lived so long and are facility of local who is available even for anyone.
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Local action, interchange

As holding of various courses, classrooms, reporting that turn on public relations magazines, activity, place of exchange in area rental of venue.

Local Elderly Care Management Center

As for the health nurses, professional staff such as social worker, chief Care manager accepts care plan making of various consultation and care prevention.

Life support system maintenance business

We push forward life support, the care prevention, satisfying community development of society participation so that elderly person can continue living in area like oneself.

Home care support

Contact adjustment with person of making, service industry of care plan, certification for long-term care investigation.

tsushokaimamori (day service (elderly day care))

Targeting at people who received authorization in The Long-term Care Insurance offers of services such as bathing, meal, recreation.

■The use time
From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sundays and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

■Closed days
New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3), periodic inspection day in hall (once a month)

Name of the facilityThe locationTelephone
MapLocal Elderly Care Management Center
Prediction areas
Kamiyabe, Yokohama-shi community care plaza2342, Kamiyabecho811-2442
Torigaoka, Kamiyabe-cho, a part (except the west of JR Line, landing district alliance Neighborhood Associations) of Yabe-cho, a part (Tozuka third district alliance Neighborhood Associations) of Totsukamachi
Yokohama-shi Higashitotsuka community care plaza4-4, Kawakamicho826-0925
Akibacho, Kawakami-cho, Shinanocho, Kamishinano, Maetamachi
It is Kurata community care plaza in Yokohama-shi259-11, Kamikuratacho865-5700
Kamikuratacho, Yoshida-cho, a part (the east side of JR Line) of Yabe-cho, a part (the upper Kurata district alliance society) of Maiokacho, a part (the Yabe, Yoshida district alliance society) of Totsukamachi
Gumizawa community care plaza986, Gumizawacho861-1727
Gumizawa 1-8 chome, a part (landing district alliance Neighborhood Associations) of Yabe-cho, a part (except association of Taisho Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association) of Gumizawa-cho, a part (landing district alliance Neighborhood Associations) of Totsukamachi
Yokohama-shi Hirato community care plazaHirato 2-33-57825-3462
Hirato 1-5 chome, Hiratocho
Harajuku, Yokohama-shi community care plaza4-36-1, Harajuku854-2291
Harajuku 1-5 chome (except the Fiji beauty society), Kosuzumecho, Kagetoricho, Higashimatanocho, a part (Shochiku stand Neighborhood Association, Harajuku Neighborhood Associations) of Fukadanicho, a part (Harajuku Neighborhood Associations) of Gumizawa-cho
Yokohama-shi Maioka Kashio community care plaza3705-10, Maiokacho827-0371
Kamikashiocho, Kashio-cho, part (except the upper Kurata district alliance society) of Maiokacho, Minamimaioka 1-4 chome
Yokohama-shi south Tozuka community care plaza2626-13, Totsukamachi865-5960
A part (the best district alliance Neighborhood Associations in Totsuka, Tozuka second district alliance Neighborhood Associations) of Totsukamachi
Yokohama-shi lower Kurata community care plaza1951-8, Shimokuratacho866-2020

Yokohama-shi Naze community care plaza

791-14, Nasecho815-2011

Yokohama-shi Fukaya Matano community care plaza
(H29.7.1 open)

1432-11, Fukadanicho851-0121
A part (except Shochiku stand Neighborhood Association, Harajuku Neighborhood Associations), Matanocho of Fukadanicho, a part (the Fiji beauty society) of 4, Harajuku

※Management administration of community care plaza introduces designated manager system.

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