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Last update date March 14, 2019

<community care plaza>

List of community care plazas in Totsuka Ward

<the welfare health practice base>

Totsuka Ward welfare health practice base (friends Tozuka)

<facility for elderly person>

Facility (page of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau) for elderly person

<welfare of persons with disabilities facility>

List of welfare of persons with disabilities facilities in ward
Name of the facilityThe locationPhone number
Higashitotsuka local action home shines (life care, day service (elderly day care))4-9, Kawakamicho828-2820
We do Tozuka person with a disability local action home, and let's pick off (life care, day service (elderly day care))2304-4, Totsukamachi865-3105
We do the second, and let's pick off (life care)2804-6, Totsukamachi865-0885
Totsuka Ward life support center (life support center type B)1259-1, Yabemachi350-5291
We do the local work place third, and let's pick off (person with a disability area work place type)1486, Totsukamachi862-6226
itoguruma (person with a disability area work place type)1475-1F, Kamiyabecho811-2589
Local action support center riyon (person with a disability area work place type)382-5, Totsukamachi825-5357
yamabuki studio (mental patient area work place type)3438-1, Maiokacho821-6005
Atelier window (mental patient area work place type)3004, Totsukamachi866-3350
If come; another field, window (mental patient area work place type)276-1, Gumizawacho869-1008
Tree of apple (mental patient area work place type)3-2-7, Minamimaioka826-0014
totsukawakaba (halfway person with a disability local action center)449, Kamikuratacho Tozuka corporation Hall building 1F870-4460
The morning sun cram school (life care, facility entrance support, short-term entrance)57-6, Higashimatanocho852-8888
Totsuka, Yokohama-shi welfare work center (working continuation type B)1420-27, Totsukamachi864-4801
Meet (life care)2342, Kamiyabecho811-2442
Wind (working continuation type A) of IbukiThe first floor of the 4-22-4, Gumizawa Tozuka stand park Holmes third building410-8426
Heart fully reterra (working continuation type B)2035-7, Kamiyabecho810-0880
Clover (life care)826-1, Fukadanicho392-6926
Begin (life care)1475-2F, Kamiyabecho811-2589
Studio inaho (working continuation type B)893-2, Fukadanicho443-7416
Ten love hospitals (short-term entrance)1140, Shinanocho822-0321
LITALICO work Yokohama Tozuka (working shift support)Totsukamachi 6003-5-ZA-YAMAGUCHI-B3869-1713
Smile work (working continuation type B)326, Akibacho Shonan the third floor of the building435-9123
Smile garden (working continuation type B)143, Kamiyabecho TOKEN new apartment house the first floor435-5701
rizumu Higashitotsuka (life care)949-6, Hiratocho826-4227
ribon, rifu Higashitotsuka (life care)500-7, Kamikashiocho827-0366
The sum (working continuation type B)1562, Kosuzumecho438-9543
Wind (life care) of Maioka2944-1, Maiokacho392-3385
Yokohama YMCA work support center (working continuation type B)1673-1, Kamikuratacho867-0090
Erua's biiandokizzu (working continuation type B)501-5, Maetamachi Higashitotsuka Haym 101392-3933
Pass center Higashitotsuka (working shift support)87-1, Kawakamicho well stone 1 birr the sixth floor443-6334
Cross heart work Tozuka (working continuation type B, working shift support)2487-1, Totsukamachi392-7221
Totsuka, Yokohama-shi area nursing center (elementary school student development support center)4-4, Kawakamicho825-1181

※The above is information as of January 1, 2018. We make from "guidance 2018 of the obstacle welfare".
About information of office, you can see on homepage (the outside site) of "obstacle welfare information service Kanagawa".

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