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Water at the time of disaster

Last update date August 22, 2019

Water at the time of disaster

Water is the most important thing to maintain human life, and it is said that moisture on about 3 liters is necessary on 1st per person.
Therefore water is one of the supplies which we cannot miss at disaster.
Take the following measures for disaster in Yokohama-shi, but damage to water supply caused by major earthquake currently,
It is reality that cannot prevent.
In each home or company, is lowest to get over disaster to do sometime; is more than 9 liters of for 3rd
Of drinking water let's store

Well for disaster emergency

We have you cooperate with owner of well and appoint well which local people can utilize as life water at the time of earthquake disaster as "well for disaster emergency".
Designated well publishes list, map to each Neighborhood Associations.
In addition, we publish place of designated well in Totsuka Ward disaster prevention, inhabitant of a ward map.

Disaster water station

* Distributing reservoir
It is facility supplying drinking water made at water purification plant to each family.
We can secure drinking water of about 190,000 cubic meters equivalent to quantity that citizen needs for one week at the time of earthquake disaster,
The Water Works Bureau staff installs temporary faucet and performs water supply to citizen's all of you.

* Urgent feed cock
We install earthquake-resistant duct line from water supply main line resisting earthquake and, in facility which attaches emergency water supply equipment to feed cock of the tip, and supplies with water, maintain to elementary and junior high schools of evacuation shelter.

* Water tank for disaster under the ground
When the water pressure decreases with-type water tank which fresh tap water flows through as some water pipes under the ground, inflow, valve of outflow close, and it is usually in structure that drinking water is retained. We maintain around elementary and junior high school of local water supply base that citizen walks at around 1km and can go to get drinking water.

You can confirm place of water station in page of City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau at these disasters.
In addition, water station search system is "mappu smoothly" at disaster, from specific Address
We can search water station at the nearest disaster.

About disaster water station (page of City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau)
※There is list of water station setting places in the lower part of linked page at disaster

・Disaster water station search system "smoothly mappu" (page of City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau)

Sale of canned water

Please order from Water Works Bureau customer Service Center (TEL: 847-6262) by case unit.
・Canned disaster storage water (one: 500 ml, 1 case: with 24)

★We want to know in detail! To page of anti-disaster measures of Water Works Bureau

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