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About distribution of disinfector in hygiene measures at the time of flood

Last update date January 18, 2019

About hygiene measures at the time of flood

When road surface is flooded by heavy rains, the sewer may flow backward. Because filthy water may get mixed with rainwater from the sewer when house is flooded in state that road surface was flooded, disinfectant work may be necessary.
In Tozuka Health and Welfare Center, we provide consultation about the need of disinfection when it was flooded and appropriate disinfection method.

  • Only cleaning with tap water including case flooded only for rainwater may be enough.
  • When you sterilize, you wash the place enough beforehand, and please remove dirts. We wash, and effect of disinfector is not shown enough when not after.
  • Please purchase disinfector at drugstore of neighborhood. About cooperation drugstores which you can purchase, please ask "Yokohama-shi prevention of epidemics measures representative contact drugstore" (Yokohama-shi pharmacist society).

⇒For more details, please see hygiene measures and disinfection method at the time of flood!

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