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Evacuation shelter

Last update date November 17, 2020

Evacuation shelter

When house collapses by earthquake disaster and is in danger of collapse, we appoint 35 elementary and junior high schools in Totsuka Ward temporarily according to areas as place performing distribution such as food, water, relief supplies and offer of living information, safety confirmation of family at place taking shelter.
List of disaster prevention storage supplies

About conduct day of 2020 Totsuka Ward evacuation shelter training (PDF: 41KB)

District name of a street that is targeted for evacuation of evacuation shelter


District name of a street that is targeted for evacuation

Naze Elementary SchoolNasecho, Kamiyabe-cho
Naze Junior High SchoolKawakami-cho, Nasecho
Upper part of a river north Elementary SchoolKawakami-cho, Kamishinano
The east article body elementary schoolShinanocho, Kamishinano
Article body elementary schoolShinanocho, Maetamachi
Hirato Elementary SchoolHiratocho, Hirato four orders eyes, 5
Hirato stand elementary schoolHiratocho
Boundary tree junior high schoolHirato 1 - 3
Kamiyabe Elementary SchoolKamiyabe-cho
Upper part of a river Elementary SchoolMaetamachi, Akibacho
Akiba Elementary SchoolNasecho, Akibacho, Maetamachi
Kashio Elementary SchoolKashio-cho, Kamikashiocho
Torigaoka Elementary SchoolYabe-cho, Torigaoka, Kamiyabe-cho
Yabe Elementary SchoolYabe-cho
Higashitotsuka Elementary SchoolYabe-cho, Kamikuratacho, Yoshida-cho, Totsukamachi, Maiokacho
Maioka Junior High SchoolMaiokacho, Yoshida-cho
Maioka Elementary SchoolMaiokacho
Minamimaioka Elementary School1, Minamimaioka - four orders eyes, Maiokacho
Gumizawa Elementary School

Gumizawa-cho, 3, Gumizawa - five orders eyes, 8

East Gumizawa Elementary SchoolGumizawa-cho, 1, Gumizawa, Totsukamachi
Tozuka Junior High School1, Gumizawa, two orders eyes, Totsukamachi
Tozuka Elementary SchoolTotsukamachi, Kamikuratacho
South Tozuka Elementary SchoolTotsukamachi
South Tozuka Junior High SchoolTotsukamachi, 1, Harajuku - 3
Kurata Elementary SchoolKamikuratacho, Shimokuratacho
Toyoda junior high schoolShimokuratacho
Gumizawa Junior High SchoolGumizawa-cho, 6, Gumizawa, 7
Fukaya Elementary SchoolFukadanicho
Yokohama Fukaya stand elementary schoolFukadanicho, Matanocho
Fukaya Junior High SchoolFukadanicho, Matanocho
Taisho elementary school1, Harajuku - three orders eyes, Fukadanicho, Gumizawa-cho
Taisho junior high school4, Harajuku, five orders eyes, Fukadanicho
Willow tit elementary schoolKosuzumecho, 2, Harajuku
Higashimata field Elementary SchoolHigashimatanocho, Kagetoricho
Lower village Elementary SchoolTotsukamachi

In addition, in each evacuation shelter, "the evacuation shelter governing board" is organized led by all of the local residents and this governing board plays a key role and works at the time of disaster occurrence.
With the evacuation shelter governing board
To list of evacuation shelter of each ward

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