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We concluded cooperation agreement at the time of disaster with Coca-Cola.

Last update date October 17, 2018

We concluded cooperation agreement at the time of disaster with Coca-Cola Central Japan.

On Monday, September 1, we held Coca-Cola Central Japan and "agreement about procurement supply cooperation such as drinks at the time of disaster" conclusion expression in the Totsuka Ward government office.

By "self support" of citizen's all of you on "3 liters of 1st per person 3rd storage of 9 liters of drinking water utilizes resources which were cool on scale of Coca-Cola Central Japan for "utilization such as basement water tanks for drinking water storage, disaster in evacuation shelter" by "community support, government support" in addition with for", and strengthen the drink supply system at the time of disaster.

In addition, it was Konan Ward and the agreement conclusion by combination at this time because Coca-Cola Central Japan Tozuka Branch was located in ward world of Totsuka Ward and Konan Ward, and it was "Totsuka Ward in Konan Ward, the location of warehouse in the location of office".

State of agreement tie-up Tsu type
From the left field sloppy Mayor Tozuka, Coca-Cola Central Japan company Manager of Sales Department Sakai, Saito Konan Director General

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