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Totsuka Ward flood hazard map

Last update date February 21, 2020

We revised Totsuka Ward flood hazard map

On the basis of recent weather condition, we add to the inundation assumption area caused by the rain of plan scale (24 hours precipitation 302mm),
We published the inundation assumption area caused by the largest rain (24 hours 632mm) that we could assume newly.
We publish evacuation actions depending on method to obtain information at the time of disaster as information side, five phases of caution levels in hazard map other than the inundation assumption area.
The inundation assumption area when there was the rain (assumption biggest scale) of 632mm in 24 hours this (PDF: 8,667KB)
The inundation assumption area and as to information when there was the rain (plan scale) of 302mm in 24 hours (PDF: 7,027KB)

<distribution place>
Totsuka Ward government office, Totsuka Station service counter in the city hall, Higashi-Totsuka Station service counter in the city hall

About evacuation sites in the case of heavy rain and typhoon

Depending on the situation, we decide evacuation sites "each time" and, at the time of heavy rain and typhoon, establish.
As all of evacuation sites published in hazard map may not be established, please be careful.
Information such as the establishment situation of evacuation sites, please identify ward office homepage and Twitter.

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