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[2020] Recruitment of inhabitant of a ward hall concert performers

Last update date November 20, 2019

[the appearance date and time]
 It is 25 minutes in 13:00 from third Saturday, 12:00 of March, 2021 from principle, April, 2020

 Totsuka Ward synthesis the third floor of the government building inhabitant of a ward hall

 Group, individual who perform music activity in residence, working, attendance at school in ward or ward

[equipment which we can prepare]

  • One set of PA system (Yamaha STAGEPAS)
  • Four dynamic microphones (SHURE SM58)
  • One CD deck
  • Desk, chair

 There is no handing over of compensation, transportation expenses.

[application method]
 You attach necessary material to appearance application (word: 54KB) and mail E-mail (must arrive), by January 6, 2020, please submit to Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division directly.

[necessary material]

  • One piece of photograph (thing which principle, all the members appear in) of performer
  • Performance sound source or picture data (when we improve in CD, DVD or video site the URL)

[result contact]
 We select in the inhabitant of a ward hall concert governing board, and result will inform representative in the end of January.
 In the case of a lot of application, you may not appear in consideration of the appearance number of times.

 Recruitment of performers flyer (PDF: 446KB)
 Appearance application (word: 54KB)

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Totsuka Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-866-8416

Telephone: 045-866-8416

Fax: 045-864-1933

E-Mail address [email protected]

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